Top 10 Supplements for Diabetics

Top 10 Supplements for Diabetics

Medical supplements that keep diabetes at its minimal level will not work on their own, because the medicine -taker has to keep a healthy lifestyle. But what is sure is that the supplements, with proper diet and exercise, can help in keeping you healthy and diabetes-free. If you are planning to take medical supplements, ask your doctor first if he will recommend you to take it and have for reconsideration the brand of the supplement. Also, read the instructions before taking the supplement, know the possible side effects and when to stop taking it.

1. Selenium

This is the most sought-after, as well as most researched and wanted, among the supplements for health-conscious diabetics. However, different takers have different opinions about selenium, so there is really no concrete information as to its effect. Some of its takers say that it is a great supplement, while other say it is not that good. What could be possible is that selenium may have different effect on different bodies. But eating a well-balanced diet will ensure proper intake of selenium without additional supplements.

2. Chromium

Of all the supplements, this is the most expensive. But despite its high price, it has multi-supplements qualities designed to avoid or control diabetes. Chromium is preferred by bodybuilders because this has the quality of decreasing body fats without compensating their muscle tissues. Everything that helps in reducing body fats or allowing one to have normal body weight also helps in fighting diabetes.

3. Glucomannan

This melts easily thus ensuring quick absorption of its nutrients by the body when taken. Its quick solubility is associated with soluble fiber. Diabetics are encouraged to take dietary fiber as a regular part of their diet.

4. Cinnamon

Of all the supplements, this may be the most satisfying in preventing diabetes. Cinnamon extracts helps the body in soaking up the sugar better. This may a favourite of many because of its good flavor or after-taste. However, this should be taken in pills, and not as the cinnamon in the baking section of groceries or bakeshops.

5. Poisonous Melon

This helps the body to detect and ingest insulin shots. This melon has to be taken in the form of tablet to achieve its desired effect.

6. Garlic Clove

This helps by promoting blood circulation in the body.

7. Magnesium Mineral

This is less expensive than the other supplements.

8. Alpha dog Lipoic Acidity

This is an anti-oxidant present in other foods such as teas, carrots and spinach among others. This is said to reduce blood sugar levels.

9. Jelly gamat

The less studied among the supplements, this is said to be effective not just for diabetes but also for cancer.

10. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

A good form of fat, this can be found in salmon, fish oil capsules and in some grain seed.