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A Dozen Secrets to Enjoy Drinking More Water

A Dozen Secrets to Enjoy Drinking More Water

Did you know that the average adult body contains 50 to 60% water (your brain is 75% water by weight)?

For optimal brain and body function, and to help your body detoxify, you need to replenish eight to 12 glasses daily.

Many people like to drink with their meals. Don’t because it dilutes digestive juices and makes digestion inefficient. Wait at least 30 minutes after your meal before you start another drink.

Here’s a tip to help you lose weight or cleanse – drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before your meal to help fill you up.

While water is the only drink we really need, if you find it a struggle to drink enough, below are suggestions to make water more interesting, tasty and nutritious.

1. Squeeze juice of A� lemon into a large glass of purified water. Drink hot or cold first thing in the morning to alkalize your body, which makes it inhospitable for most diseases.

2. Crush 7 or 8 fresh mint or fresh lemonbalm leaves, or slice a fresh lemon, lime, orange or cucumber and stir into a jug of room temperature water. Cover and let ‘steep’ at least 1 hour, or overnight. Pour flavored water into glass over ice. Add 1-2 fresh mint leaves and enjoy!

3. Drink herbal teas – hot or cold. Try chamomile, peppermint, or lemonbalm – not green tea, which has caffeine. Place 1 to 2 tsp dried herb (triple the amount of fresh herb) per cup of tea into a tea strainer. Add just-boiled water. Steep at least 10 minutes and enjoy!

4. For variety during hot weather, sweeten water with a little juice of your choice and freeze into small ice cubes. Place ice cubes in a glass and use a spoon to serve yourself to let the ice melt in your mouth.

4. Change the type of water you drink. Reverse osmosis water is tastier and much better for you than the chemical-laden water that comes from most city faucets.

5. Install a water filtration/purification system to your faucet to remove 99% of sediment, chemicals and other impurities and make your water and herbal teas taste better. A good system will remove chlorine, bromine, chemical disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, perchlorate, industrial solvents, pesticides, herbicides and improve the taste of tap water.

6. Carry water in a water bottle with you wherever you go. If you don’t like plastic, find a sturdy decorative, or antique glass bottle and use a wine cork as a stopper. I use a glass bottle with a stopper that looks like a plastic water bottle – I got it at an art gallery gift shop. I’ve also seen them in the gift section of a large bookstore chain.

7. When you’re sitting at a desk or on the couch, have a glass of water or a water bottle with you. Put a glass of water at your side at all times, including your bedside, and sip regularly from it.

8. Make it a habit to fill up your water glass or bottle when it’s empty.

9. Use your Outlook calendar or have a digital clock or watch that beeps at the top of each hour. The beep is your reminder to drink a glass of water. You’ll get most of the water you need during the course of an 8-hour work day.

10. Eat foods that have a high water content such as watermelon (92 percent water) which can be juiced or eaten as a snack. Tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, apples and oranges have high water content and are healthy low-calorie snacks.

11. To alkalize, and improve the taste of water (or a less expensive bottle of wine), add a few drops of ‘IsaWater’ from Isagenix.

12. Add Isagenix Want More Energy natural electrolyte powder to room temperature water. Stir well. Add ice. Can also be made into a ‘slushie’ in your bullet-type blender.…

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Diet Teas – Get On A Diet And Lose All The Fats You Want Just From Drinking Teas

Diet Teas – Get On A Diet And Lose All The Fats You Want Just From Drinking Teas

What’s The Fuss About Chinese Diet Teas That People Are Talking About These Days? Chinese diet teas burn fats. It’s definitely a lot simpler to include this in our routine life. Many though declare that there are side effects. For instance, some sat that they’ve got diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach bleeding, etc.

But it happens normally when you take too much of it. Take precaution to not take too much of it – follow the recommended dosage while using this diet.

Chinese Teas Are Diet Teas? So, They Can They Help Me Lose Weight?

Almost everyone drinks tea. However, not all teas give you the weight loss advantage.

It’s the green tea which is of great help to reducing weight. Green teas work like diet teas – except that they are completely natural. Green tea consists of catechin polyphenols which aids in thermogenesis. This helps in an elevated charge of metabolism. Thus, reducing the amount of unwanted fats that you’ve been sick and tired of for so long.

Tips To Getting Yourself The Right Diet Teas

Tip #1 – Well Branded Diet Teas

You may realise that a lot of Chinese teas offer weight reduction within the market. But be cautious enough as all of them may not be helpful. Choose only a trusted brand. It would be always better to seek the advice of your physician earlier than you choose a selected brand of tea.

Tip #2 – Increase Vegetables, Fruits And Water Intake

It will be important that together with the tea, you include fibrous and nutritional fruits in your diet plan. Replenish yourself with water. It might allow you to detoxify your body faster.

3. Exercise!

Green tea is useful but simply depending on it alone won’t show you the quick results you want. Combine it with good exercises. The right exercise routines will be of great assistance for you to achieve lightning speed weight loss results.

PS: Make sure that you do a research on the diet teas along with your dietician before you begin to make use of it. Chinese teas have natural properties and can do lots good to your body.…

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The Many Health Benefits of Tea

The Many Health Benefits of Tea

“For thousands of years, wise people have poured hot water over tea leaves and found pleasure in both the experience and the drink that is created.” -Theresa Cheung, Tea Bliss: Infuse Your Life with Health, Wisdom, and Contentment

A Favorite Among Many

After water, tea is the mostly commonly consumed drink in the world. It may not surprise you to hear that it offers many health benefits. But recently, researchers have found that it is offers more benefits than water!

Better than Water

“[Researchers] found clear evidence that drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack.”-Dr. Carrie Ruxton

Water replaces the fluid you have lost. But researchers found that tea rehydrates just as well as water does. And tea provides antioxidants and flavonoids that water does not provide.

What are the Health Benefits of Tea?

(1) Drinking green tea helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.

(2) Drinking green tea or black tea regularly has anti-aging effects.

(3) Tea has been found to improve your cognitive if you are going to study all night, drink tea instead of coffee.

(4) There is a compound in green tea that may slow down or help to prevent type 1 diabetes, which suggests it may be good for children to drink as a preventative measure.

(5) Green tea has been found to help your body recover more quickly after weight lifting. And seems to increase endurance during exercise, in general.

(6) Even drinking one cup of black tea every day can help protect you from heart disease and lower your risk of having a stroke. Green tea and rooibos tea do, as well.

(7) Drinking tea boosts immunity. And white tea, in particular, helps fight germs by slowing down bacteria growth.

(8) Speaking of white tea, research suggests it may be the answer to our national problem with obesity. It has been found to prevent the formation of new fat cells. Green tea also has been found to be helpful in preventing weight gain.

(9) If you’re stressed out, black tea will be soothing. And daily cups of black tea may improve your ability to manage stress and recover from it.

(10) Chamomile tea has a very tranquilizing effect and is a good way to calm down. It has been shown to help with heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, morning sickness and other stomach upsets. It also can help with tension headaches, allergies and menstrual cramps.…

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Herbal Tea Weight Loss: How Herbal Tea Can Help You Lose That Flab

Herbal Tea Weight Loss: How Herbal Tea Can Help You Lose That Flab

It is possible to rely on herbal tea weight loss plan in your zest to shed off some pounds? This is an ancient Chinese technique in losing weight and has been confirmed by scientists today. The problem is that they could not explain how this happens so let me make it a bit easier for you.

Herbal tea greatly increases the metabolic system. This explains why those who eat a lot put on less weight while others eat less and end up putting on more weight. This simply means that the body is able to burn the calories in its system than was possible in the normal state. Similarly, herbal tea prevents your body from converting the excess body energy into fats resulting in weight gain. It too reduces the food cravings while at the same time regulating our blood sugar levels. So herbal tea will not only help you cut weight but it will also reduce your chances of disease such as diabetes and heart disease.

In a journal published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, herbal tea has been proved to have some health benefits. The herbal tea is capable of nourishing and boosting our immune system. It was also found that those who consume herbal tea have a better digestive system.

There are various tea ingredients in the market. They include Guggul, Combogi, Cinnamon and Tamala. Besides the grate health benefits, they also come in great tastes and flavors. While most of these teas do not contain caffeine, some do but in very low contents.

Herbal tea also has an advantage because it has less caffeine unlike coffee. Experts have found that people who consume a lot of coffee find it harder to lose weight compared to those that do not. Additionally, herbal tea contains a natural relaxant which could be quite useful for people in rigorous exercise.

While preparing a tea weight loss, there are a few things you should consider. Always use cold rather than hot water. Use glasses and stainless steel to make them because aluminum tends to come off in the tea.

Unfortunately, there are so many herbal tea diets in the market and its becoming more and more difficult to know the right one. Some of the claims that they cleanse and melt away the excess fat may not be true. In fact, some of them may be harmful to your health.

With the herbal diet plan, there are two things one must always remember. The body reacts negatively to instant changes so do not consume too much in the name of wanting to lose much. Thus a longer duration will be better than a larger dosage. Make tea a part of your everyday diet but in smaller dosage. In the same way, combine this recipe with exercise in order to make it more effective for your weight loss. Studies have found double success with those that combine the two.

Armed with this information, you now know that you must not give up on your herbal tea weight loss plan. With the right approach, you can still shed some pounds.…

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Tea Herb Garden – A Wonderful Green Thumb Project

Tea Herb Garden – A Wonderful “Green Thumb” Project

A tea herb garden is a wonderful green thumb project for anyone who enjoys gardening. There are some teas intended for pure culinary enjoyment, and others that provide apothecary benefits as well. There are many teas steeped and used as herbal remedies and treatments.

Herbal tea can be made from leaves, stems, or seeds, and the herbs themselves can be fresh or dried. Herb varieties can be combined to create flavorful tea “blends.”

The general ratio of water to dried herb is one teaspoon of dried herb for each cup of water. If using fresh herbs, increase the amount of herb to one tablespoon per cup of water.

The standard and recommended way of making herb tea is to boil the water first, then place the herbs into the water. You can purchase paper tea bags if you wish to make your own tea bags. Another popular product for herb tea enthusiasts is a tea ball. You place the herbs inside and then place it in the hot water to steep.

One very tasty trick is to purchase an orange or lemon that has very bright and healthy skin. Using a cheese grater, “slice” off large chunks of zest and allow to dry. Store these in a plastic container or zippered plastic bag. When you make tea, toss in a chunk of rind. If your chunks are large enough, you can simply remove with a spoon or fork and enjoy the wonderful flavor the “zest” imparts.

A relaxing herbal tea can be made very easily using commonly grown herbs. This is a popular blend for many people. It helps relieve stress and keeps you fully focused. It includes chamomile, spearmint, rose petals, oat-straw, hibiscus, and orange zest.

You take the dried herbs and place them in an airtight jar. Mason jars are great for this. After shaking to blend, seal tightly, and store the mixture away from sunlight. The ratio of “mixture to water” for this particular herbal tea mixture is 1.5 teaspoons for each cup of boiled water.

Your herbal blend will require:

2-1/2 tablespoons chamomile flowers

1-1/2 tablespoons spearmint

2-1/2 tablespoons oat-straw

1-1/2 tablespoons rose petals

1-1/2 teaspoon hibiscus

2 chunks of orange zest (discussed previously)

Store this blend as recommended above, and you’ll enjoy it repeatedly.

Herbal tea recipes exist in abundance, and many, if not all, provide useful benefits. You might be amazed to discover that herbal tea blends are not confined to humans. Animals, including horses and dogs, benefit from herbal teas. Herbal treatments are used often for canine and equine cancer.

Cinnamon basil, lemon verbena, peppermint, and chamomile are just a few of the herbs that lend themselves to herbal tea blends. If herbal teas interest you, then you should do more research to find herbs you can grow, and use, to achieve desired results for you specifically. A tea herb garden is a fascinating endeavor that will allow you to explore the many facets of herbal teas, whether medicinal or otherwise.

Happy gardening!…

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Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea is the total gain for health. It is produced from the extracts of organically grown herbs and is free of caffeine, preservatives and soda. Hence, it has no side effects and can be consumed twice in a day. It is not produced as other regular black tea so it tastes very different. Some people find its taste to be little pungent and not very tasty. However, unlike other not very healthy drinks like standard black tea, coffee, cold drinks, processed juices and other supplements this green tea has ample of health benefits that allege to revitalize the soul in every possible manner.

Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Tea Rejuvenate body cells

As Tulsi is rich source of antioxidants, it neutralizes harmful radicals present in body to damage the cells and tissues. It enables the immune system to function properly and mitigates the joint pain. It even facilitates proper liver functioning. Helps body to recover the damage done to cells and tissues due to harmful sun rays and any radiation therapy.

Kind to heart

People suffering from cardiac issues must have this herbal drink without sugar twice in a day as it has power gifted from Mother Nature to lower the cholesterol and high blood pressure. It purifies the blood that ensures the proper flow of blood to the heart. Thus, it is also very good for people who have undergone any kind of heart surgery.

Release Stress

Tulsi has anti-stress properties. Hence, by drinking Tulsi green tea one can get relief from stress and experience some soothing mind-set. Also pessimistic thinking can be controlled and inclined the individual towards optimism.

Energizing Drink

It improves stamina, strength and endurance in the body. Furthermore it boosts up the body to use the oxygen with full efficiency. Tulsi is effective in promoting the respiratory health of the individual. It assists in therapeutic treatment of problems like indigestion and gastrointestinal. The miraculous Tulsi green tea deactivates the danger of premature aging and degenerative diseases. It is equally effectual in relieving inflammation from arthritis.

Scientific Studies

It has been proved after profound researches that all the health benefits of Tulsi Green Tea are true. These all are established keeping the broad-spectrum human body in mind. As each and every individual is different, some people could experience cardiac benefits while few might get the benefits of the digestive systems. It would vary from one person to other. It is also possible that few people who are suffering from acute diseases may not notice any of these changes although it might be occurring at a very slow pace. Health benefits possibly will not be same for all but certainly one nothing is definite; this tea does not have any side effects for sure as it is purely natural.

Herbal tea having Tulsi as one of its main ingredient is absolutely cache of incredible health benefits. This fact would be known to the world but still people do not regularly drink it because they are very used to the taste of their usual black tea. Black tea contains caffeine and so people are addicted to it. One needs to develop the taste for Tulsi Herbal Tea then they would be able to enjoy it more and absorption of health gains will also be much faster. No efforts are required to get used to with not-so-healthy food habits but sincere attempts need to be made with the aim to get habituated to good and healthy eating and drinking practice. Knowing the benefits of Tulsi Green Tea, it is wise to incorporate this excellent natural drink in regular diet and reap only benefits that are healthy in every aspect.…

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Causes of and Treatments For Diabetes

Causes of and Treatments For Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune disease which left untreated can harm essential body organs and possibly result in death. Type 1 diabetes used to be known as juvenile diabetes (aka insulin-dependent diabetes) because it was most commonly diagnosed in children. It was only after researchers begin to discover a significant number of adults with this type of diabetes that they renamed it.

The usual treatment for type I diabetes is insulin injection. However, another treatment is to use steroid like drugs to block the autoimmune symptoms. While successful in many cases, however, steroids are not 100% effective. In addition, steroids have negative side effects in some people.

Another relatively new treatment for diabetes is insulin inhalation. In 2006 the FDA approved the first ever version of insulin that can be inhaled. Unfortunately, the company producing it shut down manufacturing it due to resistance in accepting it from doctors and their patients. Some researchers believe, however, that it’s only a matter of time before an acceptable and viable alternative to injection hits the market.

Whether type 1 or type 2, there are some similarities in the symptoms of both type of diabetes. Common symptoms are frequent urination, constant thirst, weight loss, increase in hunger caused by the body being undernourished, and weakness – again due to the body being undernourished. Some diabetics also have blurred vision problems due to their eye lenses swelling as their blood glucose level rises. The swelled eye lenses are the cause of the blurred vision.

Although there are common symptoms for people with type II diabetes, not everyone has the same reactions. It’s entirely possible that you could have type II diabetes and show no symptoms whatsoever. That’s why it’s important to periodically have your doctor give you a blood glucose test. This is really the only way to definitively determine if you have diabetes.

The amount of glucose in your bloodstream is always in a state of flux – even in people without diabetes. You eat a meal. the insulin in your body allows the glucose to enter your cells, thus taking in out of the bloodstream. You eat some more and the cycle continues. When something goes wrong with your insulin production however, there is no agent to allow the glucose into the cells. It therefore, builds up in the bloodstream eventually leading to high glucose levels. High blood glucose levels are bad for you primarily because it can cause your internal organs to break down.

By now, it’s been well documented that people who are obese or overweight have an increased risk for developing diabetes 2. But many times as well, the problem can be traced to an abnormality or problem with the person’s pancreas.

The pancreas has two important body functions. One is to produce digestive enzymes to help digest your food. The second is to produce insulin and secrete it into the bloodstream. Any problems in the pancreas that affects its ability to produce insulin will have a direct impact on your health and possibly lead to your developing diabetes.…