Herbal Tea – What Women Want

Herbal Tea – What Women Want

Women have always been the nurturer of good health and wellness in the family household–so it’s only fitting that she herself exudes exactly that. The modern day woman is mom–and sometimes dad,–your sister and best friend. On top of all that, she has a career. A woman plays different roles at home and wherever she goes. The constant hype and pull from here to there has left her too busy to have time to tend to her needs, let alone her health.

In the middle of all the action, as a woman, you are possibly too busy to run to the nearest pharmacy to buy aspirin for your headache and sores. So a good herbal remedy is a lifesaver in many ways.

A recommended herbal remedy that women can cling to, and have been for generations past, is the herbal tea. A healthy and nutritious concoction of rich herbs, the herbal tea had been tested and tried far longer than the medications available from pharmaceutical companies. What’s more? It’s natural and safe. That said, it could only mean that you are treating your condition in the most natural and harmless way that rules out the risk of side effects that many medicinal drugs are notorious for.

When you prepare your own classic cup of fresh herbal tea, you are assured that what you are ingesting your body is pure therapeutic herbs loaded with nutritional elements and antioxidants.

Women from all generations, races and cultural backgrounds can come together to enjoy a cup of herbal tea because its ability to heal and rejuvenate holds no boundaries. For pregnant women, the herbal tea that is safe for drinking is the red raspberry leaf. It decreases the length of labor and prevents early delivery and pregnancy complications. But, as safe as it is, better talk with your doctor for regular consumption.

For women who are at the brink or having their menopause, often undergo a rough time period and need the support of family members. The herb rooibos is best, our caffeine-free blend also includes soothing chaste berry and black cohosh, which encourages hormonal harmony and can assist in reducing premenstrual and menopausal annoyances. That and a warm cup of herbal tea to deal with issues such as night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings are all it take to nourish the body and ease menopausal symptoms.

Herbal tea can give the same soothing effect for women experiencing the all-too-familiar premenstrual syndrome (PMS). We all had our fair share of PMS at some point in our lives and it’s not always easy to deal with. With the constant urge to pick a fight with anybody who gets in your way, nothing can break you free from your uncontrollable angry thoughts and emotions brought about by raging hormones than a steaming cup of freshly-brewed herbal tea like herb rooibox. It helps eliminate or lessen the symptoms and reduce severity of PMS. It also reduces bloating, cramps and painful sensations by contraction of muscles.

To juggle everything in your daily life, be physically, emotionally and mentally fit. Do a little tea drinking to be fully nourished. And it must not just be any tea. It must be herbal tea.