Herbal Tea Recipes Sweetened With All Natural Stevia

Herbal Tea Recipes Sweetened With All Natural Stevia

Stevia is an all natural sweetener that is excellent in tons of applications, including a variety of different herbal tea recipes. Stevia comes from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana that’s originally grown in South America, and Paraguay in particular. Having been used for centuries as a natural sweetener, as well as being seen as having positive medicinal properties, stevia is finally starting to arrive at the Western marketplace.

There are a variety of ways one can obtain stevia: in fresh leaf form, dried leaf form, a crystallized form similar to regular sugar, and even a liquid form. The fresh stevia leaves are great for eating and the dried leaves make the perfectly sweetened cup of sweet tea, or a great addition to sweeten up your tea without having to use sugar. Read on for a couple of different, but tasty, herbal tea recipes that use stevia leaves in the process.

Stevia Tea

One can purchase tea packets that are filled with dried stevia leaves to create stevia tea. This is one of the all natural tea varieties that is said to provide some health benefits as well. When you steep a bag of stevia tea in warm water and drink, you get a nice sweet drink. This herbal tea recipe is said to help fight food cravings as well as to soothe an upset stomach.

You can get stevia tea in a number of ways. You can purchase stevia that is already in traditional tea bags, and you can also purchase loose leaf stevia that you can put in your own tea steeper ball or steeping pot. Drinking stevia tea made from the finest stevia leaves is also said to promote proper pancreatic health as well, making this far more than just a sweet drink.

Herbal Teas Sweetened with Stevia Leaf

Herbal teas are tasty, but without some types of sweetener, they can come off as a bit “flat”. For achieving great success with your teas, try playing around with the stevia leaf, or stevia tea bags in conjunction with your favorite flavors. You will be able to get that sweetness that you crave, without the calories or jump in blood sugar that so often results from drinking sugar-sweetened beverages. Rather than using the traditional honey or sugar cubes, a stevia tea bag will sweeten your tea to your liking, without all the negative health effects of consuming too much sugar.

Stevia tea bags are also great for making herbal sun tea. This is one of the lesser known herbal tea recipes that stevia leaves are often used in. There is something just plain special about sun tea, it just tastes better, and a great combination for a refreshing summer sun tea is mint herbal tea, lemongrass tea, and stevia leaves combined. Be creative and play with different herbal tea recipes until you find your favorite. And when you use stevia leaf to sweeten your tea, you can be ensured that you are choosing a healthy and safe, all natural sweetener.