Tips for Expecting Parents

Planning for the arrival of your new child is an exciting chapter in your life. Keep these tips in mind when you plan on having a child.

See a Medical Professional

As soon as you realize you are pregnant, you should contact your OBGYN who will recommend when to make your first appointment along with other pregnancy guidelines. If you are struggling to conceive naturally and become pregnant, there are many options for infertile couples to build their families. You can speak with your doctor about fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization options or work with adoption services for adoptive parents. Talk with your partner about which option would be best for your family.

Prepare the Nursery

Putting your baby’s nursery together is an exciting part of preparing for their arrival. Make sure to get essential nursery furniture including a crib or bassinet with a mattress and sheets, a changing table, a diaper pail, clothing storage, and a hamper. Get a rocking chair or glider you can comfortably sit in for feeding or rocking the baby to sleep. Purchase a baby monitor to alert you when your baby cries in case you are in another room. Some baby monitors come with sound and video features so you can easily check-in without waking your baby. Once your supplies and furniture are settled, you can focus on filling the room with fun toys and decorations for your baby.

Bring Your Baby Home

It’s normal for the first day home with your baby to be harder than you expect. Every baby will adjust to their new environment differently. Use this time to bond with your baby. Newborns love to be held often. It can take time to become comfortable with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Your baby might become very fussy or tired when they get hungry. You’ll begin to learn their eating and sleeping habits by listening to their different cues. It can take time for your baby to adjust to being awake during the day. Some babies sleep most daytime hours and want to be awake during the evening hours. Be prepared to change a lot of messy diapers at all hours of the day. If possible, practice on a doll beforehand to get the hang of it. If you have any concerns, you can ask a nurse or experienced family member before bringing your baby home.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when preparing for the arrival of your new baby.