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Living Well With Diabetes – Tips For New Diabetics

Living Well With Diabetes – Tips For New Diabetics

Living well with diabetes is essential so that you can avoid the complications that are associated with this terrible disease, there are a number of tips for new diabetics that should be implemented to achieve good health.

When you are first diagnosed with diabetes there are many emotions you will encounter, please understand that these are normal and that you are not alone. Following are some of these emotions:

Denial – when you are first diagnosed you will feel denial; this is normal and is a way that your body copes with the diagnosis. You need to realise that if your denial goes on for a long period of time it can become serious, so you need to talk to your family and friends so that you can get through this feeling of denial

Anxiety – Finding out you have diabetes will make you very anxious which will cause you sleepless nights and this is not good for diabetics, sleep is one of the main aspects of managing diabetes. Try to take time out and relax as much as you can so that you can avoid being anxious

Grief – this feeling is normal as you feel a sense of loss, the loss of a healthy life, knowing that your life has now changed is not easy, make sure that you have support around you

Shock – This is when you will be asking yourself “how can this be happening to me?” They must have got the results wrong. These feelings can last a few hours or days, but you need to realise that these feelings can show up later on down the track as well, please keep an eye on this

Fear – The fear of having a disease that you know nothing about can be very scary

Depression – this is the feeling of sadness and a feeling of being helpless. Depression can be treated and should not be ignored as it can lead to serious outcomes

Living well with diabetes is something that you should aim for and following are some tips for new diabetics that can be helpful:

The most important part of your management plan is to implement a healthy well balanced diet and regular exercise

Make sure that you eat at the same time each day at regular intervals

Drink plenty of water each day

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day

Always choose lean meats

Always choose the low fat variety of all food products

Try to limit your salt intake

Try to limit your alcohol intake

Avoid processed foods at all times

Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, and

Include the right amount of carbohydrate, proteins and fats in your diet

Living well with diabetes can be achieved when you implement the above tips for new diabetics so that you can achieve optimal health once more.…

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Facts About Tooth Whitening

If you’re planning to whiten your teeth, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. If you want to know whether or not teeth whitening is safe and effective, read this article. In addition, you’ll learn about some of the cost and side effects of tooth whitening. By the end of this article, you’ll be armed with the facts you need to make an informed decision about whitening.

Getting the facts about teeth whitening

While brushing and flossing your teeth is still essential to keep your teeth white, you may want to consider getting a professional whitening treatment. In the United States, nearly 90% of patients ask their orthodontists for tooth whitening. Getting the facts about teeth whitening is crucial before making the final decision. Read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of this cosmetic procedure. After all, it isn’t rocket science!

First, a dentist’s supervision is essential to achieving the whitest smile possible. There are risks and side effects, but a dentist who demonstrated tooth whitening lafayette la will monitor the procedure to ensure it’s safe and effective. Moreover, teeth whitening can make some restorations in your mouth incompatible with the process. In this situation, you can get a different treatment that will not result in a mismatch. Your dentist will know which teeth will respond to teeth whitening and which ones will not.

Side effects

While tooth whitening is generally safe, some side effects have been reported. The most common is tooth sensitivity. In addition, the bleaching agent passes through the dentin and into the pulp, irritating the gums. Although most side effects are temporary and disappear within 24 hours, they may remain for days or longer. While tooth whitening is relatively safe, the intensity of its impact is directly related to the concentration of the peroxide bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are commonly used in whitening procedures.

The strength of tooth whitening products differs. Some products contain more hydrogen peroxide than others. Light-activated tooth whitening systems use LEDs, hybrid lights, or lasers to activate the whitening agent. Although higher concentrations produce quicker results, the final shade will be dependent on the individual patient. Patients may experience different side effects if the concentration is too high or too low. Patients should seek medical counseling if these side effects persist.


There have been several studies regarding the safety of tooth-whitening products, but none have concluded that they are entirely safe. Some studies, however, suggest that some over-the-counter whitening products may cause harm to tooth enamel. Furthermore, tooth whitening can affect existing dental work’s strength, color, and texture. Therefore, it is essential to speak to a dentist before beginning a tooth-whitening procedure. Getting professional advice will ensure a bright smile without risking your dental work.

While the level of whiteness achieved depends on your teeth and the degree of staining that has occurred, most whitening systems are safe. Before you begin the process, avoid consuming certain foods that cause staining on your teeth. These include foods and beverages high in tannins and acids. Try to avoid drinking red wine, carbonated drinks, and sports drinks. Foods with strong colors should also be avoided. Brush or rinse your mouth immediately after eating or drinking stain-causing foods.


There are several ways to whiten your teeth. Professional whitening uses more vital bleaching agents than store-bought teeth-whitening gels and produces dramatic results in a single visit. Home-use systems take weeks to see noticeable results, so in-office whitening offers fast results. But, the price of professional whitening isn’t cheap. You should expect that in-office whitening costs around $650 per session.

Professional whitening costs about $500-$600 per session. Professional treatment, however, is a better choice for a more permanent result. While these treatments may cost less than over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, they do not guarantee as much whiteness or brightness. In-office treatments are also more costly than over-the-counter kits. In addition, although they are cheaper, over-the-counter whitening kits are not as effective and will wear off over time.


The GDC is a regulator of dental practices and has launched 126 prosecutions involving illegal teeth whitening since 2015. However, these prosecutions are based on customer reports and lack the power to prosecute training providers. The BBC’s Inside Out program recently uncovered some companies offering these procedures without a doctor’s prescription. The London School of Nails and Beauty, for example, advertised that graduates could earn PS80 per treatment and claimed they could set up their own business. Unfortunately, the certificate did not provide sufficient training for emergency cases.

Although it’s not illegal, there are risks associated with teeth whitening, including hard and soft tissue trauma and erosion. In addition, incorrect use of bleaching products, such as mal-fitted trays, can lead to serious side effects. While a qualified dental professional

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A Japanese Tea That Works for Hay Fever

A Japanese Tea That Works for Hay Fever

Do you suffer from hay fever but don’t like taking the pills you buy from the pharmacies? If you have a friend from Japan around you, ask him/her what they use in their country – one of the answers you get must be a tea called Ten cha.

Ten cha is usually translated as “Chinese Blackberry Tea” in English. Obviously, the tea leaves are from Chinese Blackberry trees, and its Latin name is Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee. You might have never heard of it. Yes, it is one of the few wonders from Japan that has not been introduced in UK at all yet.

Although it has been consumed in Japan and China (and possibly other parts of Asia too) for a long time, it the Japanese beverage company Suntory that discovered its anti-allergy effect. They started marketing it as one of their health tea line of products, and one day it was featured in one of the most powerful TV shows (Japanese equivalent of Oprah, I’d say) and that was it – now you see it in shelves of many supermarkets and drugstores all over the country.

The reason of its success was that compared to pharmaceutical options, the tea does not make you drowsy or sleepy. As it is very common to take herbal teas for many health purposes, it was seen as a very familiar, more natural solution against the seasonal itchy eyes and runny nose. It became the most popularly practiced cure against hay fever in Japan. In a research conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, about 40% of the sampled patients of allergic rhinitis who prefer non-pharmaceutical treatment were found to be using Chinese Blackberry Tea (Tencha).

While in UK, I have always thought there is not enough variety of treatments on offer, although so many people suffer from hay fever. You don’t want to take pills when you have to drive, or work hard in the office all day. So having a natural option could help many of our lives get a little better.

Search Chinese Blackberry Tea on the net. It is usually advised that you brew the tea in hot water for 2-3 minutes, and drink it every morning. I would love you to try it once. I gave it to some of my friends here in UK. They felt a difference and some of them became big fans!

What is “Kampo”?

“Kampo” is a Japanese word for traditional herbal remedies, which have been practiced since the 7th century. Traditionally Japanese people prefer the medicines that are made from natural ingredients to general pharmaceutical products. They have strong trust in power of nature, through centuries of their history.…

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Arthritis – Can’t or Can Live Without?

Arthritis – Can’t or Can Live Without?

Knowledge is the key to healing; how many times have you said to yourself? “If I knew then what I know now…” I uttered those famous words when I was introduced to an herbal; organic beverage called Organic Green Tea. It contains polysaccharides which are complex carbohydrates that help boost the immune system therefore rejuvenating worn cartilage and damaged tissue as well as other infinite healing properties; by consuming a hot or warm elixir, something we do on a daily basis.

Did you know that there are over 100 types of arthritis? The 3 most common are Osteoarthritis which is developed over time from the everyday “wear and tear” of the cartilage in your joints. More common in women is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) also known as the “crippling disease” is caused when our body’s immune system works against us; instead of building and strengthening the cartilage, it breaks or “tear” them down. Lupus, the third common type of arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disorder, like the first two, Lupus affects the joints and tissues, in addition to skin, kidneys and other vital organs.

I know now; of an all natural 100% herbal organic beverage containing a herb “The Super Herb” and what I’d like to call a ” Phenomenal Herb ” because of its unique but simple purpose. This phenomenal herb contains three traits that classify it as an adaptogen; its nontoxic, does not target any specific region of the body and it helps to create a state of perfect balance.

The discovery of this Herbal Organic Green Tea was an “eye opener”. It contains nutrients that enable our bodies to heal on its own. It’s great tasting, smooth, and above all, natural; so while your brain is thinking “healing” your taste buds is saying “yum”. Do you want to know more about “The Phenomenal Herb”?

In conclusion, arming oneself with knowledge of an adaptogen; the phenomenal herb contained in an elixir; such as this herbal organic green tea will help alleviate pain caused by arthritis; be it Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus by boosting the immune system wherefore letting the body heal itself naturally, rejuvenating worn cartilage and tissue damage that causes arthritis. Also mentioned are the infinite healing properties of this adaptogen “Phenomenal Herb” and additional information can be provided upon request to our personal health consultants regarding any health issues or concerns be it personal or concerning family and friends.…

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Make Morning Special With Herbal Tea

Make Morning Special With Herbal Tea

In ancient times, importance and usage of herbs were too high due to medicinal properties. They have become part of our lives through our cultural traditions and folklore. Whenever any person used to get ill or suffered from any dreaded or critical diseases was given herbal medicines only. If you really wants to know and study different aspects of herbs then must read herbalism books and scripts.

Similarly herbs do have played a major role in the preparation as well as development of teas since the ancient era. These different types of tea leaves were beneficial in treating certain ailments showing their positive effects in the human body. Consumers of herbal tea are increasing day-by-day now. It is also known by other names such as tisane and ptisan. They are herbal plants which are used for preparing teas with the help of infusion process. They don’t contain the tea leaves of camellia Sinensis plant. You can extract three different types of teas such as black tea, white tea and green tea from the camellia sinensis plant only. Medical experts and science have proved that it has helped in relieving the patients suffering from depression and stress.

Experts say that utility of herbal tea is more through whole leaves than processed tea bags in the market. They say the difference lies in the persistence of the plant oil which usually gets washed during the processing method whereas directly consuming whole leaves let the user to sip concentrated tea, tasty and original one. So make sure that you can prepare such types of tea by using fresh and dried herbal leaves. They are available in local market or through online shops.

This tea is valued more because of the infusion process. If you really want to know then it’s quite simple to understand even. First, you boil one cup of water and then pour it onto the dried herbs or tea bag. Later on steep them for a short duration and then filter and began sipping. If you’re under medication then must inform your physician as about the type of herb you’re consuming. Each herb is of different nature and medicinal properties.

Several brand and stores can be seen online that are designed for people who wants to taste quality and saving altogether. When it comes to tea then brands like Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Yogi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, and Bigelow Tea are the best and for accessing them stores like Teavana, Whole Foods, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon are beneficial. So, make your mother’s morning special with herbal tea.…

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Wonderfully Healthy Decaf Herbal Chai Recipe

Wonderfully Healthy Decaf Herbal Chai Recipe

As I write this, I have a pot full of warming, herbal chai simmering on my stove, and I am so excited to sit by my fire enjoying a cup of it on this rainy autumn day following our record-breaking flood here in Carnation.

(Luckily our house is on high ground far enough from the rivers that we were only inconvenienced by not being able to drive into or out of Carnation because of flooded roads on all sides.)

But, back to that warming cup of chai I was telling you about…

I want to share with you how to make chai with this wonderful chai recipe. This is a great holiday drink to share with family and friends when they come by your home for celebrations or just to enjoy by the fire on a wet or snowy day.

Often chai is made with black tea, but I wanted to share how to make chai without caffeine, and this year I’m also adding some nourishing and immune boosting herbs to my chai blend.

Here’s a chai recipe for you to start with if you have been wanting to learn how to make chai. I recommend playing with amounts and types of herbs until you get the blend that’s perfect for you.

Immune Building Autumn Chai Recipe

o 3 1/2 cups of boiling water

o 2 Cinnamon sticks

o 1 Tablespoon fresh Ginger, grated

o 1 whole Nutmeg, chopped

o 1 Tablespoon Cardamom seed pods

o 1 Tablespoon Astragulus root

o 1/2 tsp. whole Cloves

o 1/4 tsp. black Peppercorns

o 1/2 tsp. Anise seeds

o 1/2 tsp. whole Allspice

o 1/2 tsp. Echinacea root

Simmer the spices in your chai recipe in the water for about 15 minutes. (If you’d like to add black tea, add 1/8 cup after removing from the heat and steep for not more than 3 minutes.)

Strain out the herbs, add warmed milk (I suggest at least 1/4 cup) and honey to taste.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make chai. Enjoy!…

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Can Diabetes Effect Your Cataracts?

Can Diabetes Effect Your Cataracts?

Diabetes & Cataracts can be progressive conditions. Many develop these conditions as they age, but with both they can come at early stages in a person’s life. Learning to cope with both Diabetes and Cataracts can be a challenge. Early education can help you know what’s coming in the future and prepare you for what you are dealing with now.


Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of Diabetes. Management of your blood glucose (sugar) levels are extremely important the more out of control these levels get the harder it is to control the complications associated with the condition. For those struggling with various forms of Diabetes, they can develop problems with the eyes, the kidneys, and depending on their medications the liver. For those who have trouble managing their Diabetes a team of medical professionals is often needed.


Cataracts are a clouding of the natural internal lens of the eye. As Cataracts develop vision slowly declines. Those who have Cataracts often suffer from Age-Related Cataracts it accounts for 90% of those with the Cataracts. Age-related Cataracts generally progresses over years, and an eventual Cataracts surgery is necessary. But in cases with those with Diabetes Cataracts can progress more quickly, in some cases within 6 months to a year. In those with Diabetes the glucose (sugar) levels can affect the lens causing the Cataracts to progress much more rapidly.

If you have Diabetes and Cataracts it is wise for you to see your eye care professional every 6 months. Diabetes and Cataracts is one of the leading causes of blurred vision in the United States. Taking extra special care of your eyes is of the most importance. Being sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions, and obtain regular eye check-ups can help monitor the progression of the condition. Cataracts surgery is the most common eye surgery performed every year in the United States. Don’t despair when you notice the vision decline from Cataracts, a 15-20 minute outpatient surgery will remove the clouded lens and improve your vision.

Below are the symptoms of Cataracts:

Blurred vision

Poor night vision

Frequent prescription changes

Halos around the lights

Sensitivity to glare from headlights

Shadows around images

The chance of you developing Cataracts earlier in life if you have Diabetes is higher. If you have any of the above symptoms please consult your eye care professional and get your eyes checked every 6 months to a year to preserve your vision.

For more information on Cataracts visit: …