Benefits of Adult Foster Care

It is a common dilemma for families. How should they make arrangements for loved ones who cannot live independently, but do not require the level of care provided by a nursing home? Assisted living and active living communities are popular options, but may not be suitable for everyone. Adult foster care provides a welcome alternative. There are many benefits to the adult foster care service Massachusetts agencies provide.


Adult foster care is often provided in a group home setting, meaning residents live among their peers. It has a more family-like feel than assisted living and allows natural day-to-day interactions with others. Facilities often blend in with surrounding homes, making it easier for residents to be part of the neighborhood.


Adult foster care typically costs much less than assisted living, and expenses may be partially offset by Medicaid. Massachusetts residents can expect to pay about half as much for adult foster care as they would for assisted living. This is a significant relief to families that must plan for several years of support.


While the assistance provided in foster care settings is not as comprehensive as that found in clinical settings, there are different levels of support available across facilities. Some are suited for more independent living, while others can accommodate around-the-clock nursing care. As a rule, adult foster care recipients in Massachusetts must need assistance with at least one activity of daily living to qualify for a placement.

Peace of Mind

Placement in an adult foster care setting gives your loved one access to specialized care and community support. You can rest assured that they are getting the daily support they need in an intimate and affordable setting. With the right mix of compassionate attention and social stimulation, he or she can live in safety and comfort.