What a Criminal Defense Charge Is

No one ever wants to find themselves confronted with being accused of a crime, especially if they’re innocent. When a person thinks of “criminal charges,” images of being handcuffed and standing trial for murder comes to mind. This isn’t the only time a criminal defense attorney can help you.

A criminal defense charge is when you’re accused of a crime and can receive fines, jail, or prison time if a judge finds you guilty. This can include “small” things like trespassing, vandalism, or small amounts of shoplifting. You can also find yourself facing criminal charges even if you were acting in the ordinary course of your job. If your job involves security, private investigation, bounty hunting, and you harm someone, criminal charges can still be levied against you.

If law enforcement thinks you’ve been involved in a crime, you must not wait to obtain an attorney. Criminal defense attorneys know how to help you navigate the process to keep any fines or jail time to a minimum wherever possible. This may mean the difference between you going back home or spending an exceptionally long time as a long-term guest of a state or federal facility.

If you need a knowledgeable and trusted criminal defense attorney in the Orlando area, Orlando Defense is ready to stand with you to help you get through your case.