Tools for Healthcare Professionals To Care for Wounds

A patient has arrived with a massive wound and needs proper care immediately. Wounds can be intimidating for healthcare professionals, especially with their sizes and the amount of blood lost. Thankfully, modern technology and medicine have evolved to streamline and simplify the task of caring for wounds of all sizes. Here are a few key items every medical professional should have for wound care.

1. Absorbent Foam

For any kind of wound, it’s imperative to slow down any bleeding, pus, or loss of other fluids before it can get worse. One should have an abundant supply of absorbent foam products Westlake OH, or wherever your medical practice is located, on hand. When the absorbent foam is applied, it acts as a sponge to sop up blood without soaking the dressing.

2. Gauze Dressings

Gauze is a type of fabric used to assist in healing any cuts and wounds. For smaller wounds, gauze pads can be applied to cover it up and allow it to heal. Larger-sized wounds will need to be wrapped with gauze bandages. No matter what size of gauze one needs, it’s good to have in the inventory due to its breathability and antiseptic properties, expediting the wound healing process.

3. Wound Cleansers

Wounds have the potential to become infected if not tended to sooner rather than later, and an untreated wound infection can lead to complications. Wound debridement uses various methods to remove dead tissue from the wound if applicable. Products such as saline, bacitracin, and specialized wound cleansers help to disinfect the area before dressing the wound.

Wound care utilizes many different tools to heal wounds of all sizes. Healthcare professionals should take care to keep at least these three stocked in their inventories and first aid kits to be prepared.