Tips for Easing Allergy Symptoms

Do you suffer from a chronic sore throat and runny nose? Do your eyes water and itch for long periods of time? Some people may blow off the symptoms as a common cold, but constant reactions can indicate allergies. These symptoms could prevent daily enjoyment and activities. Is it preventable? Can you get relief? While there is no cure, you can take several steps to try and feel better.

See a Doctor

See a specialist. Allergists can perform tests to determine any sensitivities or reactions. Various tests are available, and modern science has improved the process. Protene microarray technology evaluates blood samples to identify food and environmental triggers. You may also ask about DNA hair analysis and skin tests. In the end, you’ll have a list of irritants which you can try to remove from your diet and environment. Discuss any medicines that might help your immune response, and consider adding a routine saline rinse. These could help you feel better.

Clean Your House

Many people are highly sensitive to mold, dust and pollen. While you may not be able to eradicate them, proper care of your home and belongings can reduce exposure. Purchase non-chemical or scent-free products to use regularly around your house. Use microfiber cloths to clean furniture and household items. Because they use just water, you eliminate exposure to something that might cause a flare up. Clean at least once a week. Pay attention to fans and plants as these can collect dust easily, and remove clutter. Think less is more.

Add an Air Purifier

Despite routine cleaning, pollutants can still exist in the air. Consider purchasing an air purifier for your home. Not only might your dust count go down, but the air quality may improve. Depending on budget, buy a small one for your bedroom, or invest in a large one for your home.

If you’re tired of guessing about what makes you sneeze, take some steps to get answers. The knowledge may improve your health.