3 Warning Signs of Diabetes – What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

3 Warning Signs of Diabetes – What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

When the point comes of noticing the signs of diabetes, then most people overlook these diabetic symptoms because these signs are harmful in nature and look very normal. This is the reason that diabetes is termed “silent killer”. In this case neither the person loses his hair like in case of cancer nor does he develop any sores as in case of other serious illnesses.

It is important that person must not misconstrue the disease. Though its signs are harmless but it is a serious ailment. Medical specialists are of the view that recognizing the signs and symptoms of diabetes and getting officially diagnosed is critical for the better long-term treatment. The only way of lessening the long-term effects of this aliment is to get this disease detected at its earliest. The earlier the disease is detected the lesser would be the chances of long-term complications.

Following are the most common 3 signs of diabetes that are generally overlooked by many diabetics.

Unquenchable and Insatiable Thirst: It is important to see the doctor and get a diabetes screening test done if you are experiencing a constant thirst. This sign of diabetes is generally ignored in summer season. In these days the culprit is thought to be the season and not the blood sugar level. Sometimes the people blame that strenuous physical activities are the underlying cause of they being constantly thirsty. Under normal conditions if a person is thirsty; drinking 2 glasses of water should be enough to satisfy the thirst but the case is not true for the diabetics. No matter how much they drink they always end being thirsty.

Excessive Urination: It is hard to imagine that going to the rest room again and again could be the cause of concern. However this is the case in case of diabetes. Generally alcohol drinkers think they are going to the rest room again and again as they have taken some extra drink. Whatever the case is it is good to get diagnosed by the doctor.

Tiredness: In this fast paced society who does not feel tired as well as fatigued after the day’s work. But if this tiredness is not going away after the full night’s sleep then it may be the cause of concern. Feeling constantly tired is the body’s way of telling that something is going wrong.

It is important to listen to the body carefully so the disease can be detected the moment it starts to set in.