Things That a Chiropractor Can treat

A chiropractor treats any condition related to the structure of the body. They aim to relieve body pain and enhance function. In addition, they neither conduct surgery nor prescribe drugs. Instead, they manipulate or adjust the spine and other body parts in order to get them in the proper position or right alignment. Covered below are some common issues that chiropractors can treat. 

Lower Back Pain

One of the most common reasons that a person will seek treatment from a chiropractor is because of pain in the lower back. Most research done on spinal manipulation focuses on lower back pain. Therefore, you will find that people dealing with such pain go to a chiropractor instead of their primary healthcare giver. 

Neck Pain

Chiropractors also treat neck pain through neck manipulations, also referred to as adjustments. In some instances, when neck manipulations are combined with exercises, they work better and offer relief to neck pain more than pain medication. If you have been experiencing neck pain for a long time which is not a result of injury, you might want to try a chiropractor. This type of neck pain is likely to respond to chiropractic care. 

Reduce Tension Headaches

If you have tension headaches, chiropractic adjustment on the neck can help relieve this. There is a particular type of headache that usually causes one to feel pain in the back of the head and neck. Bad posture and stress can also lead to tension headaches. A chiropractor will manipulate your neck a little, then give you a few stretching exercises. They might also suggest ways you can reduce stress to relieve headaches. 


Whiplash is a type of neck sprain that is often caused by car accidents. It causes stiffness and pain in one’s neck. The pain may intensify every time you try to turn. For some, they might even experience dizziness or sickness in the stomach. Chiropractic manipulations can help in such situations. The chiropractor will recommend some exercises that you can do at home and show you how to use ice or heat to minimize muscle spasms and swelling. 

Shoulder Pain

Often, when people think of chiropractic treatment, the neck and the back come to mind. However, people suffering from painful or stiff shoulders may also benefit from a chiropractor. This is a condition referred to as frozen shoulder syndrome. During treatment, the shoulders are stretched, and you might also be taught which exercises you can do at home to increase shoulder flexibility. 

Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis can develop due to wear and tear in knee joints. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment can help when one has this condition. The chiropractor will combine back and knee adjustments to help with the knee pain. Taking this route is likely to be more productive than doing knee exercise alone. Within a few weeks, any discomfort is minimized, and there is better knee movement.

If you are experiencing pain in any of the above areas, then find a chiropractor as soon as possible. Also, muscle manipulation is delicate. Therefore, find someone with experience who will not end up doing more damage than good.