Take a Darjeeling Tour to See Where This Very Special Black Tea Comes From

Take a Darjeeling Tour to See Where This Very Special Black Tea Comes From

Darjeeling is well known as the “champagne” of black teas. Just like fine wine, this tea comes from very special area. You can even take a “Darjeeling Tour” to see this beautiful region of India. In fact Darjeeling is a hill station of West Bengal. The place is surrounded by hills and mountains and in fact you may be able to see Mount Everest on a clear day from Tiger Hill – the highest point in the area.

The best and most spectacular way to get there is by train as it passes through forests and waterfalls. You travel through valleys, mountains and tunnels. In fact only just over a mile away there is the highest railway station in the world.

The height of the area, the clear air and sunshine are all optimal growing conditions for the famous Darjeeling tea. This tea was first planted by a Dr. Campbell who was in the Indian Medical service. He brought the seeds from China and planted them in his garden there, 4000 feet above sea level in 1841. Others followed and also planted tea. By 1852 there were several tea plantations.

Today this tea is world renowned and as is known as the “Champagne of Teas” because of its unique flavor. There are a total of 86 tea gardens spread over an area of 19000 hectares. Over 50,000 people are employed on a permanent basis but this swells to 67,000 during the tea plucking season from March to November.

If you are a tea lover, or just a lover of beautiful scenery, taking a Darjeeling tour might be just the thing for you. Here you can escape the heat of the valleys and enjoy this wonderful tea in its own spectacular surroundings.