How To Care For Your Elderly Loved One

It is important that your elderly loved ones are well taken care of. Use these tips to provide the best care possible.

Assess Their Needs

Decide how much help your loved one needs based on their current physical and mental abilities. Assess whether they have trouble with balance or performing basic tasks around the house. Make sure their medications are refilled on time and clearly labeled. If they are taking several different pills, purchase a pillbox organizer with different compartments for each day of the week and time of day. Some pillboxes come with alarms you can set as a helpful reminder to take their medication on time every day. If living on their own becomes a safety hazard, you may want to consider hiring professional elderly care services Grosse Pointe MI.

Visit and Check-In

Help them stay active by visiting often. Social interaction is especially important for cognitive health and function as you age. Try to take them on occasional outings for a change of pace and scenery. Ask your local community center about senior events they might be interested in. During your visits, make sure they have fresh food and that everything else is in good shape. Check their medications, mail, laundry, and any plants they might be caring for.

Make Safety Modifications

For additional safety, you may need to make modifications to their home. Place handrails and grab rails throughout the house, especially in the bathroom near the shower and toilet. Install a ramp to make the home more accessible for wheelchairs or walkers. Check that all smoke detectors are working and that the entire home is well lit. Install security cameras that will alert you in case something goes wrong. If they live alone, ask them to always wear a Life Alert system. This way if they do fall, they can call emergency services at the push of a button.

Keep your elderly loved one safe and well taken care of with these tips in mind.