How to Keep Yourself Awake

How to Keep Yourself Awake

After endless hours of work or studies, a good sleep seems like the best thing in the whole world. These are the times when you feel thankful for not being an insomniac. Yet, there are also times when you wish you were. The times when you are just a nap away from missing a deadline or not fully prepared for an early morning examination the next day. Sometimes you just cannot help it and you wish you could stick something between your eyelids. The sleep seems to be the instinct that is hardest to resist. People try different instant home made recipes to send the sleep fairy away. The most common is either tea or coffee. There are many addiction and health issues with caffeine but tea is regarded as a better and healthier option. Organic tea such as organic herbal tea and organic oolong tea are the ones recommended by the herbalists due to their medical benefits.

Not every one is comfortable with the idea of coffee and tea and for some it really does not work. After all, it is also useless to waste your precious time by the coffee or tea maker when you need to work. Even if you do not have much work, there is also a disorder called Hypersomnia. In this disorder, a person might always feel dizzy and sleepy. Not just that a person feels that way, a Hypersomniac does not miss any chance to lay down his head on possibly anything and take a tour down the nap valley. Excessive sleep is an indicator of slow metabolism, perhaps. There are many ways to get rid of untimely sleep, here are just few of them.

Watch What You Eat: Nearly all of our physical and mental health depends on the food we eat and the amount of food we eat. Overeating can cause our body to lose too much energy during the digestion. Therefore, eating too much causes us to feel sleepy. Same is for food that takes much time to digest such as food with higher fat content. Vitamins are excellent source of energy so include that in your diet especially Vitamin D and B’s. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep your body energized.

Acupressure: If you need to reduce your fatigue and be alert for a while, try the age old acupressure therapy. Studies have shown that tapping slightly at the top of your head and top of the back of your neck helps a lot in easing the fatigue down. Earlobes and area below the knee are also found to be good pressure points for this purpose.

Light Up the Environment: Calm and peaceful environment might be relaxing but it can put you into peaceful sleep. Make sure that light is always bright and you have company to keep you entertained. Music can also be a very good stimulant.

Caffeine nap: Some people complain about caffeine not helping them at all. This is because it takes time. If you really feel extremely sleepy, drink a cup of coffee and take a quick nap for 15 minutes. By the time you wake up, the caffeine will start its work and you will feel more energized.