Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes? – A Blessing in Disguise!

Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes? – A Blessing in Disguise!

Ok, so the title seems impossible. Having diabetes a Blessing in disguise? Actually it can be and is not as scary as it may seem. This article was written by a recently diagnosed diabetic who has been through much of what may seem scary to you. Read on while I take away many of your fears…

It has been only about 3 Months since I was initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes yet it feels like ago. In my case I had no clue that I was even at risk of having diabetes. The only reason I had an A1C diabetes test done was because my own mother who has type 1 diabetes decided to test me with her meter (just for fun) and over a weeks period of time testing me 3 times a day I was always around 250 to 300 for my blood sugar. Learning that this was not a normal level, I immediately made my appointment at my doctors office for a test.

Low and behold I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Immediately I had many fears on just exactly how my life would change. My biggest questions (and fears) were: How Will My Diet Change?, What Medication Would I need?, How will my life change over all and Why Me! ???

I was actually quite surprised to find that not only were my fears put to rest, but also a few benefits would actually come from all this! Let me go over the fears and how they were answered:

1… How Will My Diet Change? The bottom line was that I was going to eat more healthy. In most cases I could eat everything I had been used to in my life with the only exception smaller portions. And guess what? I started losing weight and feeling (and looking) much more healthy.

2… What Medication Would I need? In my case simply taking two pills a day of a medication called MetFormin would help bring down my high blood sugar.

3… How will my life change over all? Actually, other than checking myself with a meter about three times a week, taking my pills each day and eating more healthy not much has changed at all!

4… Why Me? – Well, while some people are more at risk than others, it can happen to anyone. It’s not necessarily something that you have done to cause this!

So where is the blessing in all this? If I had not been diagnosed I would have:

(A)… Ran the high risk of heart attack or stroke and possible liver damage.

(B)… Not changed my habits to eating more healthy which also could run the higher risk of health problems.

So if you have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, think of it as a major blessing because the result of the small but very beneficial changes in your life will help ensure that you will be around for a long time to come. And that is indeed a blessing in disguise!