Healing With Herbal Tea

Healing With Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, also known as an herbal infusion or tisane, is the process of selecting medicinal plants, flowers, or roots and steeping them in hot water to extract their healing properties. Teas have been used by every major culture across the world and across the span of history, and in the modern day they are making a serious comeback in the natural healing fields. Using herbs for tea is a simple way to bring the natural and gentle powers of plants in to your life without having to have tons of information or experience behind you. Many herbal tea varieties are both healthy and tasty, and the process of enjoying a hot cup of tea can be the most relaxing and enjoyable part of your day!

Selecting An Herb To Use In Your Tea

It’s a good idea to start using herbal teas one herb at a time. Check the internet or review books on herbal healing to see which specific, individual herb matches your individual healing needs best. For example, if you have a sore throat and are a fan of sweets, a nice anise seed herbal tea may be just the thing you need. If you have other health concerns, are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or are working with a child, make sure to check with an herbal professional and your doctor to ensure the herb you choose is completely safe for you.

Choosing Which Herbs To Buy

When it comes to selecting herbs to buy for tea, the options are endless. The best way to buy herbs is in bulk so that you can save money and store them for future use. If you aren’t able to get bulk organic herbs where you live, try to find pre-packaged herbs in tea bags for use at home. If you fall in love with the process of brewing and steeping tea, you may want to consider the best way of getting healing plants – growing them on your own!

What You’ll Need To Brew Herbal Tea

You’ll need to have just a few simple basic on hand to create the perfect healing drink anytime. A strong, heat proof mug, a kettle, and a spoon should do the trick! traditionally, enamel or stainless steel kettles are preferred. Choose an earthenware, porcelain, or ceramic mug for drinking your teas. The spoon can be used to mix up your tea, press excess nutrients from a tea bag, or help cool your drink off after steeping it.

How To Brew The Perfect Cup

Bring fresh spring water to the point where it is just about to boil, then remove it from the heat. This temperature is ideal for most all tea varieties – although some roots and rhizomes may need to be prepared in a different way for best results. Pour the water gently over about one measured teaspoon of your herb, or over your pre-packaged tea bag. You should be using about one cup or eight ounces of water. Immediately cover your tea mug with a lid or small plate and allow it to steep for six minutes. Once the time has passed, remove the plate, take the teabag from the cup, and give your drink some time to cool.

Remember that tea is hot! Take care in drinking, carrying, holding, and placing your tea – and avoid having small children or pets nearby if they are prone to being curious about the things you are interacting with. Also, make sure to turn off your heat source and empty out any remaining hot water from your kettle.

Enjoy The Benefits!

You’ll find that organic herbal tea is a simple and effective way to relax, rejuvenate, meditate on the day, and bring healing nutrients and essentials in to your body. There are herbal teas for just about everything you can imagine – so have fun trying them all!