Can Herbal Tea Stop Excessive Sweating? 3 Effective Herbs You Should Try

Can Herbal Tea Stop Excessive Sweating? 3 Effective Herbs You Should Try

Can herbal tea stop excessive sweating or are we just way in over our heads to resort to this practice? Most people drink tea for its health purposes but not many know of its sweat reducing properties. Herbal remedies are much safer to use although may take longer to produce results, nevertheless it is a viable option.

Sage is a common garden herb which has long been used as a remedy for excessive sweating. It acts as an astringent when applied to the skin which then dries it up and helps regulate sweat and skin secretions. It can also taken in as a drink but its taste takes some getting used to, just let the dried sage steep into hot water and you could always add lemon or honey to your liking.

Green tea is a much popular drink compared with any other type of herbal tea. Can herbal tea stop excessive sweating? The answer is within reach with Green tea. It may seem odd to be drinking hot tea to help minimize excess sweat since a person starts to also feel hot upon drinking it. The effect we are after comes when the heat reaches our stomach and sends a signal to our brain to let our bodies own cooling system to work. We are also purged out of the toxins that usually bring our bodies to sweat even more.

Passion flower tea gives off a soothing and calming effect which causes us to relax and sets us into a comfortable and positive mood. Most people are prone to excessive sweating when under high levels of stress and anxiety. It is believed to slow down particular brain cell activity and encourages loosening up.

As a warning for those who suffer from chronic seizures or any other complications, make sure to get the advisement of a health professional before drinking any kind of tea or oral remedies whether they may be natural or synthetic. Some herbal teas that are processed for commercial use may contain other ingredients like alcohol or sugar so always check their labels.

Drinking herbal tea has worked for others so why not give it a shot. Not only will it help reduce your excessive sweating, its health benefits alone can help you decide on making it a part of your regular habit.