Your Day to Day with Extensions

Weaves are a fun way to play with your hair and overall look. But it requires time and care to keep your hair healthy and looking good if you decide to experiment with this beauty trend. If you’re looking into hair extensions White Plains NY, then here are some of the things you should do to maintain your new bundles.

Treat Extensions Naturally

If you go for long term use with sewn, taped or micro-linked extensions then wash them with your natural hair in the shower. Use a moisturizing shampoo and rub your scalp gently to avoid loosening your bundles. If your extensions are glued or clipped on, then it works best to remove them and wash them separately from the rest of your natural hair. Sulfate is a chemical in most shampoo brands that dry out and cause split ends in your hair. Over time, your extensions will look dry and frizzy, so go to a sulfate-free shampoo.

Wash Them Three Times a Week

The rule of thumb is to wash your extensions between 3 and 5 times a week. The number depends on the thickness of your hair, the oil content and how much product you put on it. The thicker and dryer your hair is, the fewer washes you need per week. Inversely, if your hair is thinner and oily, you should wash it around 5 times per week.

Dry Your Hair

Never go to sleep with wet or damp extensions on. They’ll knot in your head as you sleep and will become a huge pain when you finally get up for your day. Blow dry your hair thoroughly after washing. If you braid your natural hair underneath your extensions, make sure to dry your braids too. This way you avoid the chance of mildew odors.

Maintenance is key to a successful experience with extensions. When done right, you won’t even notice a difference.