White Tea – Health Benefits and Purity of Taste

White Tea – Health Benefits and Purity of Taste

Tea is becoming more and more popular in North America but few of us here have heard of white tea, which is a shame but it too is gaining a foothold on our continent. It isn’t black tea which has had milk added! It is a very special variety which comes to us from camillia sinensis, which is simply the Latin name for the tea plant. Whereas most teas are harvested for their leaves, this special variety is actually the fine white hairs that surround the unopened bud of the tea plant! As you can imagine, plucking these tiny buds is a delicate undertaking. Not only does it taste really good but there are many white tea health benefits.

Most of this variety comes from China, the home of tea. It has a very long history which dates back to the Sung Dynasty (900 AD to 1200 AD), where it was a firm favorite. It has a remarkable appearance and its flavor is delicate and has a faintly sweet taste, which is very pleasant. This tea is pure and is not fermented, but is simply plucked and dried. Some varieties include White Peony and the ultra special Silver Needles.

Here are some white tea health benefits:

It can lower cholesterol

It can also reduce blood pressure

It may also reduce blood sugar

It is good for the health of your bones

It contains more polyphenols than green or black tea

It is rich in antioxidants which helps your immune system

It has antibacterial and antiviral properties

It’s good for the skin

It’s also good for teeth and gum health

It can help prevent the growth of plaque on your teeth

It is used in some brands of toothpaste

So you can understand that not only is this tea very special, has a unique flavor but it’s very good for you as well – what a great combination! Remember the many white tea health benefits. You can even go to tea websites on the internet and find out more, but also purchase it online. This is an easy process and you can have it delivered to your home.