What’s That You’re Drinking?

What’s That You’re Drinking?

Choosing the right beverage to consume every day can mean the difference between health and illness. It sounds so dramatic but it’s true; healthy beverage choice is important. Put down that soda and pay pop is not good for you, for a number of reasons. First of all, anything that has either diet sweetener or high fructose corn syrup needs to go. Nobody loses weight by drinking diet sodas and yes, there have been studies done about that. Second, artificial sweeteners are bad for you, especially the top two: aspartame and sucralose. Beyond that, the other ingredients in sodas are chemicals used in floor polish (makes the bubbles pretty) and other nasty things. As if that weren’t enough to horrify most unsuspecting consumers, there is the problem of bone leaching that occurs due to the high phosphorus content.

Try something that is actually good for you, like iced green tea. No, not the sweetened, chemicalized …stuff they sell at the store. Get yourself some green tea bags and make some at home. If you must use a sweetener, use stevia or raw honey, but try to go without as soon as you can. Try iced herbal teas as well and add a sprig of peppermint to spice it up a bit. Of course, you could just buy the peppermint tea bags. Peppermint is wonderful for those who have a lax lower esophageal sphincter (the valve between stomach and esophagus). The condition known as GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) is often helped by peppermint. No, that doesn’t mean that eating peppermint patties is a good idea. Boy, I really have to keep my eyes on you guys, don’t I?

If you have to do something to fool yourself into thinking that what you are drinking is ‘special’ then freeze some fruit into your ice cubes so you have something pretty to look at while you’re swirling the ice around in your tea. Even easier is the idea of putting some lemon or lime slices in your water glass, which is very healthy. You can also put a splash of fruit juice into your water, but that means about a tablespoon, not half the glass. The problem with fruit juice is that it too has too many additives and it is very high in sugar. One glass of orange juice has LOTS or oranges in it-way more than anyone should consume at any one time. Not only that; high fructose corn syrup has made it into juice now because it’s much cheaper than sugar. When you realize that people have turned themselves into diabetics in less than two months by swilling drinks with corn syrup in them, you might realize that this is a serious problem.

Drinking lots of coffee isn’t a good idea either. Choose something to drink that is both healthy and non-dangerous if you imbibe a whole lot of it. Of course, even water is dangerous if you drink gallons of it (it dilutes the blood) but most of us couldn’t drink that much water. Ah…I just heard my father’s voice in my head: “Water! Hell no-it pollutes the pipes!” Dad was joking of course and the joke was in reference to having a martini or water. Just find something to drink that you like, is healthy for you, and hydrates the body properly. We are, according to a Star Trek episode, “big ugly-looking bags of mostly water.”

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