What to do About Bad Breath

Bad breath is super embarrassing especially if you catch someone pulling away from you when you lean in to talk. If you like garlic, it’s easy enough to carry some mints in your pocket, but if you suffer from chronic halitosis, there might be an explanation why.

Dental Hygiene

The first place to start if you suffer from bad breath is at your dentist’s office for a good old-fashioned teeth cleaning. If you have been avoiding your Brooklyn dentist for fear of a finger wagging about your dental care, it’s time to bite the bullet and let that hygienist scrub away. Once the plaque and tartar have been removed from your teeth and you start to get regular dental care, you may find that your breath improves.

Diet Changes

Some foods are notorious for causing bad breath, so if you like to indulge, you may be fighting a constant battle with halitosis. Garlic, onions and certain spices are all culprits. Any food left in your teeth after a meal can cause bacteria in your mouth to grow and cause bad breath. Likewise, cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco can leave you with mouth (not to mention hair and clothes) odor. If you want to keep your breath fresh, break these habits.


Some medications can give you less than stellar breath either by causing dry mouth or because of the way they break down in your body. Be sure to read to contraindications from the pharmacy if your halitosis and new medication prescription coincide. Sinus infections, acid reflux and some metabolic disorders can also cause bad breath. On rare occasions, it can be caused by certain cancers, but before you panic, rule out the other possibilities first.

If you’ve made dietary changes and you’re not taking any new medications, and you still have bad breath, the next step is to visit your dentist. He or she can recommend more advanced testing or treatment such as prescription mouthwash as necessary.