What Are the Different Types of Food Display Cases?

Whether you’re selling frozen or fresh foods, you’re probably wondering, “What are the different types of food display cases?” This article will cover Gravity coil, Forced air, Straight glass, and Pre-packaged products. To make your decision easier, consider the following considerations. Forced air cases use fans to circulate cold air throughout the case. Forced air cases are commonly used to display pre-packaged products, but they may dry out over time if the products are stored inside for too long.

Gravity coil

One of the best ways to show off your meats and other foods is to choose a Gravity Coil Food Display Case. These cases feature a refrigeration coil located at the top of the cabinet to minimize air circulation and keep food fresh. This style is especially suited for meats, seafood, and unpackaged meat. In addition, they are made with LED lighting to present your products in the best possible light. And because they are made with stainless steel, they are easy to clean and can fit into the design of almost any store.

The main benefit of a Gravity Coil food display case is its low operating costs. The coolers run efficiently without fans and do not dry out meats. In addition, the triple-pane glass helps keep the temperature consistent. Aside from reducing operating costs, Gravity Coil food display cases can offer a better shopping experience for customers. This improves employees’ sight lines to interact with customers, increasing sales.

Forced air

If you sell pre-packaged and frozen foods, you may want to invest in a Forced Air food display case. These refrigeration units circulate cold air throughout the case, keeping food products cold and fresh. Most often, these units are used in bakery and deli applications. However, they can sometimes dry out the case’s contents, making them less suitable for displaying fresh produce and other items. In addition, forced Air cases are more expensive than the alternatives, and you should consider your budget when purchasing this type of case.

The two types of refrigeration systems for displaying food items are forced air and gravity coil. Each cooling method has pros and cons and will work best for your specific product needs. Forced Air cases are the most common type for delis and bakeries. They can help preserve foods for more extended periods without using ice. Forced air is also a great choice for delis and bakeries that need to keep their baked goods fresh.

Straight glass

There are two primary types of food display cases: curved and straight. Curved glass food display cases have more interior space, but a straightforward glass case is easier to clean and has more direct visibility of the items inside. Straight glass food display cases are often referred to as “countertop” cases because they feature real glass and stainless steel construction. Both types offer the same functionality, but curved glass cases are better for countertop displays because they provide more room for product display.

Curved and straight glass bakery display cases are great for displaying non-refrigerated food. Straight glass bakery display cases maximize showcase space, but they often require additional supports, which may reduce visibility. Curved glass cases maximize visibility from the top.

Pre-packaged products

There are several types of food display cases. Most of these types rely on fans to circulate cold air throughout the display case. They are commonly used for pre-packaged foods and bakery products. However, some foods can be susceptible to drying out if left inside for long periods. Therefore, these types of cases are also sometimes known as refrigerated bakery display cases. Listed below are some common types of food display cases.

Whether you sell baked goods or deli products, a good display case will increase sales. Choose one that is ideal for the products you offer. These cases are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The main difference between a counter height display case and a tall display case is the height. Most counter height display cases are 42 inches tall, making them the perfect height for customer service. Other types of food display cases include a refrigerator and non-refrigerated models.

Meat & seafood

Meat and seafood display cases are refrigerated single-level cabinets that hold products at just below freezing. They are often used to showcase unwrapped products, but there are also open-air models for storing wrapped products. Most come with frost inhibitors, but some are made specifically for seafood. They also have trays to catch water when the ice melts.

A deli case is designed to showcase cold cuts and showcase meat. Sandwich shops and fast-food restaurants commonly use deli cases to entice customers with various products. These cases maintain a constant 40deg F temperature to keep the heart fresh and attract customers. Some models include heaters and are self-serve. They can also be installed in a restaurant kitchen. Countertop models can be used if you don’t have a full-size deli case space.