Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea is the total gain for health. It is produced from the extracts of organically grown herbs and is free of caffeine, preservatives and soda. Hence, it has no side effects and can be consumed twice in a day. It is not produced as other regular black tea so it tastes very different. Some people find its taste to be little pungent and not very tasty. However, unlike other not very healthy drinks like standard black tea, coffee, cold drinks, processed juices and other supplements this green tea has ample of health benefits that allege to revitalize the soul in every possible manner.

Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Tea Rejuvenate body cells

As Tulsi is rich source of antioxidants, it neutralizes harmful radicals present in body to damage the cells and tissues. It enables the immune system to function properly and mitigates the joint pain. It even facilitates proper liver functioning. Helps body to recover the damage done to cells and tissues due to harmful sun rays and any radiation therapy.

Kind to heart

People suffering from cardiac issues must have this herbal drink without sugar twice in a day as it has power gifted from Mother Nature to lower the cholesterol and high blood pressure. It purifies the blood that ensures the proper flow of blood to the heart. Thus, it is also very good for people who have undergone any kind of heart surgery.

Release Stress

Tulsi has anti-stress properties. Hence, by drinking Tulsi green tea one can get relief from stress and experience some soothing mind-set. Also pessimistic thinking can be controlled and inclined the individual towards optimism.

Energizing Drink

It improves stamina, strength and endurance in the body. Furthermore it boosts up the body to use the oxygen with full efficiency. Tulsi is effective in promoting the respiratory health of the individual. It assists in therapeutic treatment of problems like indigestion and gastrointestinal. The miraculous Tulsi green tea deactivates the danger of premature aging and degenerative diseases. It is equally effectual in relieving inflammation from arthritis.

Scientific Studies

It has been proved after profound researches that all the health benefits of Tulsi Green Tea are true. These all are established keeping the broad-spectrum human body in mind. As each and every individual is different, some people could experience cardiac benefits while few might get the benefits of the digestive systems. It would vary from one person to other. It is also possible that few people who are suffering from acute diseases may not notice any of these changes although it might be occurring at a very slow pace. Health benefits possibly will not be same for all but certainly one nothing is definite; this tea does not have any side effects for sure as it is purely natural.

Herbal tea having Tulsi as one of its main ingredient is absolutely cache of incredible health benefits. This fact would be known to the world but still people do not regularly drink it because they are very used to the taste of their usual black tea. Black tea contains caffeine and so people are addicted to it. One needs to develop the taste for Tulsi Herbal Tea then they would be able to enjoy it more and absorption of health gains will also be much faster. No efforts are required to get used to with not-so-healthy food habits but sincere attempts need to be made with the aim to get habituated to good and healthy eating and drinking practice. Knowing the benefits of Tulsi Green Tea, it is wise to incorporate this excellent natural drink in regular diet and reap only benefits that are healthy in every aspect.