Strategies to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain can keep you from doing the things that you most enjoy. When your pain is really severe, it can make getting through a workday nearly impossible. Here are some natural treatments that can spare you from becoming reliant on prescription or resorting to surgery.

Get OMT and Chiropractic Treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and For help with back pain relief Piscataway NJ, seek out a chiropractor who can create a comprehensive treatment plan that combines spinal adjustment and OMT treatment and can also recommend stretches and exercises that you can do at home to get some relief from acute pain.

Use Inversion Therapy

An inversion table can help you stretch out relieve painful disc compression. Essentially, this amazing piece of equipment provides upside-down traction. As you suspend your body at different angles, your spine pulls slightly apart. You may notice immediate relief from acute nerve root compression caused by spondylosis or ruptured discs. It can also help you to strengthen muscles in your lower back so they can better support your spine.

Identify and Correct Behaviors That Are Causing You Pain

You may be surprised to learn about some of the things that you do that may be contributing to your back pain. For instance, keeping your wallet in your back pocket can cause your entire spinal column to become misaligned and create uncomfortable pressure on one side. In addition. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t let your feet comfortably touch the ground can cause intense strain on your lower back. Wearing uncomfortable shoes that affect your gait can also take a toll on your spinal health. Ultimately, it’s important to recognize what habits are bad for the back and change them.

Don’t let back pain dominate your days. Change your habits and find ways to actively pursue relief in order to start alleviating chronic back pain.