Is Chamomile As Harmless As It Seems?

Is Chamomile As Harmless As It Seems?

We’re so used to regarding chamomile as a benevolent herb, especially in the form of a soothing tea, that we don’t even think to wonder if it’s completely safe. As far as the tea goes, it really is safe for almost everyone, and it has many soothing properties. Most particularly, it is a calming herb that can often bring relaxation or even help someone get to sleep. It is also frequently used to sooth a digestive system that’s just a bit upset.

But there are hidden properties that still demand that we be cautious when ingesting this herb. For one thing, if you have allergies to things like ragweed, you might react negatively to chamomile too. (The herb is also in the same family as marigolds, daisies, and chrysanthemums.) Other reactions could include skin rash, or in some rare cases, anaphylactic shock.A�You might also want to be moderate in taking chamomile if you are pregnant, since doctors worry that too much of the herb could actually induce miscarriage.

However, before you label your chamomile teabags as poison, remember that all these cautions are applied to something the MedLine Plus website refers to as “medicinal amounts.” This phrase would probably suggest amounts that might be found, for example, in capsules or pills. Since these are fairly concentrated, they would contain much more of the herb than would a cup of liquid that has been filtered through a teabag.

But these cautions emphasize once again that even if an herb, spice, or other plant are considered healthy, with some medicinal properties, we shouldn’t just gulp them down indiscriminately. Some things require careful measurement, and might work better for us in some situations than in others. We still A�need to guard our health by understanding the cures we are using. Even with natural remedies, there really can be too much of a good thing.

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