Hydration In A Cup – How Tea Can Save Your Life

Hydration In A Cup – How Tea Can Save Your Life

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea to quench your thirst and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world. It’s a wonder how something so simple as tea leaves soaked in hot water, can have such an effect on a person. With a large array of health benefits, tea can be seen as a lifesaver to some; but this may be truer than you think.

The human body can survive for several weeks without food, but can only survive a few days without any fluids; providing functions to most body parts, fluid intake can affect the body in a number of areas. A key purpose involves the transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the blood; without this function the body cannot last.

Without the maintenance of an optimal fluid balance, the body can be put under threat from lack of hydration. The average cup of tea is 99.5% water, which is pretty much all of the drink; the myth that tea cannot count as part of your fluid intake because of the caffeine content is not all reliable. Through drinking tea during the day, you are in fact topping up your much needed fluid supply; killing two birds with one stone!

It has been found that nearly 40% of Britain’s fluid intake comes from tea; depending on the types of tea, the positive health benefits can improve even further. Drinking around 4 cups of tea a day can promote significant changes in a healthy lifestyle. With a high level of natural fluoride, tea can help us manage healthy oral conditions, as well as strengthening the power of the gums.

Different types of tea, such as herbal blends, can offer even further benefits to the drinker; chamomile and ginger infused teas take all the natural benefits of ordinary tea, but also build on everything you can get back from them. As natural remedies for sleep, and illness, it’s no wonder why they’ve been popular for so long, if you suffer from a lack of sleep then try one before you go to bed.

No matter what type of tea you drink, there is always some form of health benefit along in the package, if you notice it or not, drinking tea can have a great impact on your wellbeing and condition. With this in mind, there’s no excuse to have to say no to that third cup of tea in a row; after all it is good for your health!