How To Have Fresh Herbal Tea And Save Money

How To Have Fresh Herbal Tea And Save Money

Fans of herbal teas agree that fresh herbs make the very best tea. When herbal teas are purchased from a store not only is the freshness sacrificed, but some herbs are quite expensive. The only solution is to grow your own tea garden. You will enjoy fresh tea and save some money. Sound like too much work? It turns out, growing an herbal tea garden is not only simple but can really be a fun project.

Herbs can be grown year round and require very little space. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, these little plants can be grown. They can thrive indoors or outdoors. Most herbs do require a lot of light. I have had great success with peppermint and lemon verbena herbs in separate pots inside the house near a large window.

Before you rush out and buy herb seeds or seedlings, give some thought to the herbal teas you enjoy or those you want to try. Growing your own tea garden is a great way to experiment. There are many excellent books available that can guide you in this process. Learn how the various herbs can be used and the specific planting and growing instructions for each variety.

Whether the herbs are grown inside or outdoors, each herb needs its own space. If the herbs are grown too close to each other, the taste of each variety can be significantly changed. There are also herbs that are a little more aggressive and will take over other plants if they are not given adequate space.

From personal experience (lesson learned the hard way), it is important to label the herbs so you know what you planted and where it was planted; this is especially true if you plant several varieties of herbs. My first herbal garden was a little too ambitious! Different herbs have their own unique growing instructions and a simple label will save a lot of frustration.

In addition to the great books available on growing herbs, you might get some excellent assistance at the local nursery when you purchase the seeds or seedlings.

Growing an herbal tea garden is a win-win endeavor. You will enjoy delicious fresh herbal tea and, as a bonus, you will save some money. The cost of the seeds, pots and potting soil is much less than the price of herbal tea purchased from a store.