How to Cope With and Cure Insomnia

How to Cope With and Cure Insomnia

Every insomnia sufferer will have a different cause depending on their own individual and unique circumstances. The good news is that most people can find relief through natural remedies for insomnia.

Worrying about the need to rest and fall asleep is one of the biggest causes of sleeplessness. The key is to try and concentrate your mind onto something else. Many people have found that listening to a sleep CD can be very helpful in your mind to wander to sleep.

Try and keep active during the day so that by the bedtime your body is ready for sleep. For some people a strict bed-time routine is helpful, whereas for others only going to bed when you body is tired (even if that is late) works. The key is not to become scared of your bed or whether or not you will be able to sleep. When your body is tired enough, it will shut down and allow sleep to occur. Going to bed only when you are tired can help considerably – even if that means going to bed considerably late.

Try and have a hot bath prior to going to bed. Many people have found that combining a hot bath with a relaxing essential oil can help. A hot bath prior to bed encourages sleep because it allows your core body temperature to reduce quickly which triggers the brain into getting ready for sleep. Try to avoid getting too cold immediately prior to sleep too as this will only make it harder for your body to realize it is time for bed! Drinking a hot drink immediately before bed such as herbal tea can also help in the same way.

Try and exercise as much as possible during the day as expending energy in this way will allow your body to feel more tired by the evening. Your body will require rest and recuperation and therefore should make sleeping easier.

Sleeping pills can help but they can also cause more problems. Many people have found that they can develop and build a tolerance to them very quickly which means that more and more will need to be taken until become as effective as their first use. As a result, people can become dependent on sleeping pills very quickly.

Remember, the most important thing is to try not to worry about sleep. If you worry about falling asleep then your mind will remain active and levels of anxiety and stress will increase. If you are worried, just think to yourself that it is only one night, tomorrow you will sleep perfectly. Reducing anxiety and bringing your sleep routine into perspective in this way can help towards reducing the psychological effects of insomnia prior to sleep.