Home Remedies For Diabetes That You May Not Know About

Home Remedies For Diabetes That You May Not Know About

Home remedies for diabetes that you may not know about can be very beneficial to your health; there are so many foods available today that contain chemicals that can harm you and eventually kill you. Turning to home remedies for diabetes is a great alternative and can help you to achieve optimum health.

It is important to understand that relying on home remedies for diabetes alone is not the answer to managing your diabetes completely, they should be used along side a healthy nutritious diet and regular exercise each day.

Following are some home remedies for diabetes that you may not know about:

Bitter Gourd – this is known as the best remedy for diabetes, it helps to reduce blood sugar levels in your blood and urine. A couple of different ways to consume this is by eating the vegetable as often as you can or by having one tablespoon of bitter gourd juice each day

Curry Leaves – this can help cure diabetes due to obesity as well as the prevention of diabetes due to heredity factors. This can be consumed by chewing on 10 curry leaves each day or simply add the leaves to your salad

Fenugreek seeds – this is a common home remedy for diabetes and can be taken in powdered form by adding two teaspoons with milk or you can eat the seeds whole each day

Bay Leaves – Crush and grind the leaves to powder and mix with a glass of warm water. This is great for bringing normalising your blood sugar levels, drink this mixture for 10 days straight

Holy Basil – Also known, as tulsi is beneficial in keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Mix the leaves of holy basil, neem and belpatras and add to a glass of warm water and drink each morning on an empty stomach

Mango – The juice of a mango and Indian plum mixed together in equal amounts is beneficial for control of your blood sugar levels, by drinking this three times a day for a month, the other way is to get 4 fresh mango leaves and boil then drink each morning

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is great for controlling your blood sugar levels before eating your main meals, simply add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a touch of honey to a glass of water and drink before your main meals

These home remedies for diabetes that you may not know about are a wonderful and beneficial addition to your healthy nutritious diet so that you can maintain normal blood sugar levels at all times and avoid any complications with diabetes.