Heavenly Herbal Tea

Heavenly Herbal Tea

Are you tired of the same mug of tea? Do you want to inject a bit of excitement and flavour into your tea break?… If the answer to those questions is yes, then maybe you should consider the option of herbal teas.

With the harsh weather of winter closing in, your comforts become more important to you, so why not choose a tea that can help those winter blues become a thing of the past. Lemon and ginger herbal tea is a great option to sweep you away to a better place, feel the ginger kick and refreshing lemon in one mug of pure heavenly tea. With a light burst of citrus and subtle warmth of ginger this tea is fantastic for lifting your spirits whilst being caffeine free for those night time cravings.

Or maybe you’re craving a sweet little treat to help you through the day; think Liquorice and mint in a heavenly blend that hits the spot with a sweet and refreshing finish, leaving you craving more. This tea temple can also be served cold over ice, this alternative is ideal for those hot summer days when you need a cool and refreshing beverage to sweep your troubles away.

If you’re feeling fruity then look no further than super fruit tea temples. Made with whole cranberries and blueberries to ensure you get a mug full of super fruity flavour! Ideally, these tea temples provide you with a health kick due to their natural anti-oxidant ingredients. If you’re feeling down and miserable then pick up a pack of fruit tea to help put the spring back in your step after just one mug.

Having a fast paced life can be tough, you may find that the only time you get to yourself is your mid-day tea breaks, so why not treat yourself to a mug of luxury – don’t settle for a substandard mug of mushy brown tea. Why not try a chamomile tea and divulge in the sweet and juicy flavour of chamomile, with health benefits to promote sleep, relaxation and anxiety soothing properties.

Choose a tea based on your mood whether you’re feeling bloated, wrinkled, hungover or simply stressed out, there is a tea to suit your needs! With delivery free if you spend over £35 online you can find the right tea for you guilt free. Treat yourself to herbal teas. From as little as 20p per mug, what’s stopping you?