Drinking Tea As An Aid To Relaxation

Drinking Tea As An Aid To Relaxation

Everyone views life differently, and what may be a stressful, negative event for one person, may be viewed by another as an opportunity to take positive action. Those of us who like working too tight deadlines and experiencing change in their lives may find stress manageable and be able to relax when the stressful situation has ended. Alternatively, overwhelmingly stressful situations may literally be a way of life for some people, and this may lead to perpetual feelings of anxiety. If stress is ruling your life, you can benefit greatly by learning some simple and effective relaxation techniques.

Your perception of yourself and other people influences your reactions to stress, and there have been many scientific studies documenting the effects stress has on your body. Elevated blood pressure and respiratory difficulties are genuine results of feeling anxious, and these conditions could be particularly dangerous if experienced routinely. Dietary changes such as substituting sugary, salty, or fatty foods for healthier alternatives and adding herbal teas to your diet may be extremely beneficial. While turning to indulgent treats such as cookies, cake, or extra cups of coffee may seem to relieve anxious feelings, the sugar and caffeine in these sorts of foods and beverages may actually produce the opposite effect.

While caffeinated drinks may be appropriate periodically, coffee and energy drinks are unlikely to contribute to feeling more relaxed. A better choice is to try one of the many natural herbal teas on the market, some of which have beneficial calming and anxiety-reducing effects. The combination of the chemical reaction in your brain and the healthful antioxidants found in these teas often lead to improved health and fortitude, giving you a stronger foundation from which to deal with daily stress.

Just a few cups of tea, such as chamomile, rooibos or peppermint, can make a difference to your state of mind and be part of a healthy diet plan. St John’s Wort is another very popular choice for those seeking a natural anxiety remedy, it is also said to help with insomnia and depression. Some of these herbal anxiety remedies are available in capsule or tablet form, rather than a product you make tea from – many people prefer teas, since sitting down for a moment and having a healthy drink is a relaxing action in itself.

While medical practitioners have compiled research supporting the biological changes that occur when people are feeling stressed and the benefits from drinking tea, many people around the world have demonstrated an understanding of this for centuries. It’s relaxing properties and pleasant flavour have made tea second most popular drink in the world after water, and is regarded as the national drink by many countries. It is perhaps not surprising that many people adhering to this philosophy often have a longer life expectancy and exhibit a better adjustment to life in general. Realistically, you won’t banish stress just by drinking tea, but as part of a regular routine you will find it will certainly help you to relax and improve your overall health in many ways.