Candida Diet Treatment – The Truth About the Diet With Caution Words!

Candida Diet Treatment – The Truth About the Diet With Caution Words!

Candida diet treatment is what you need to cure your candida. Yeast thing is real bad, many people say that and I know it. It is enough to drive a person crazy. I have a friend, John who has candida for 3 months now. He is still confused though from the information he obtained from the internet. Some of them say no sugar, then some say no dairy. Others say no bread. Still others recommend herbal tea. He also has heard hamburger is bad too.

He asks my suggestion. Does he need to do all those things? That is why he was trying to get someone to give him some recipes or a diet to go on. Right now he avoiding all sugar and he is on Diflucan suspension 200mg per day and Nystatin Suspension.

For dinner last night he had a salad with Ranch dressing, Ham, Baked Potato w/ sour cream and a brown and serve roll with water. For lunch he had a Hamburger with no bun, some potato salad and water. He asks me whether the foods are bad or not. If you have similar condition with this, this is my answer.

You will probably find that there is sugar in all salad dressings and that includes the potato salad, if you got it in a tin or carton whatever. Nor can you make your own and add mayo because all mayos in jars contain sugar. I speak as someone who has looked at the labels on all salad dressings and find that all contain sugar.

Hamburger is fine. All vegetables are fine. Wholewheat bread only, I also check the labels on the bread and found that most had sugar in, so read everything!