Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

How early should you take your child to an orthodontist? Parents used to wait until a child lost his or her baby teeth before they scheduled an orthodontist visit. Most children didn’t wear braces until their teenage years.

Today, dental professionals recommend that children see an orthodontist before the age of seven.

There are several benefits of early orthodontic treatment Charlotte.

Prevents Future Problems

Catching problems within a child’s mouth and jaw early can save them from complications and even surgery down the road. The orthodontist can monitor the child’s teeth and jaw alignment to make sure they are developing as they should.

Increases Confidence

Having crooked teeth may affect a child’s self-esteem more than having braces would. Braces don’t last forever, and the resulting straight teeth will give your child confidence each time he or she smiles. Kids with metal braces can even make a fashion statement by changing the colors of the elastics.

Corrects Speech

Speech problems can happen with misaligned teeth and jaw. The most common impediments are slurring, lisping and difficulty pronouncing “S” and “T.” Early orthodontics treatment while the teeth and jaw are still developing can help fix these problems so the child doesn’t have to deal with them later in life.

Limits Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is more prevalent in children with crooked teeth because it is harder to reach and properly clean all the teeth. It is also easier to floss straight teeth.

Helps Digestion

Although it sounds far-fetched, crooked teeth can affect how a child digests food. Chewing is easier when teeth are straight and the jaw is aligned. Straight teeth are better able to break food up into smaller pieces, which are easier to digest.

Lessens Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding caused by an unaligned jaw can lead to headaches or neck pain. Orthodontics set the jaw back in place, alleviating any of these problems the child may have in the future.

It’s never too early to ensure that your child has a straight, beautiful smile that will give him or her the confidence to face anything.