Are You the Next Diabetic?

Are You the Next Diabetic?

Insulin enables the beta cells to accept glucose. With the regular dosage of glucose the cells are healthy. Pancreas produces insulin but it has a particular capacity. Pancreas may produce more insulin but only occasionally not always.

With the increasing consumption of fast foods, fatty foods, fried foods and sweet products, the body system calls for more production of insulin.

In the absence of sufficient insulin, billions of cells in the human body are not able to accept glucose. Ultimately it gets mixed up with blood and finally excreted through urine.


1. Beta cells start getting weaker without the regular dosage of glucose. It results into dizziness, exhaustion and weakness.

2. Extra glucose in the body is washed out through urine so it results into frequent urination. It further washes off other valuable nutrients from the body.

3. With the loss of water, the body gets dehydrated and the cells of the body get weaker.

4. Weaker cells in the body affect the working of all the body systems.

5. Efficiency of pancreas is greatly affected since it has to be under regular pressure of producing more insulin. So it starts getting weaker.

The continuous process of undisciplined food habits and absence of any type of exercises will further weaken the body systems. Increasing glucose in the blood stream results into thickening of arteries and specially capillaries. It affects the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the beta cells of the body.

Result is Diabetes. It starts eating the body from within and the patient starts feeling its pinch in the form of heart problem, high blood pressure, eye problems, weakening immune system and problems with feet and legs and so on.

This is high time to realize the effects of Diabetes and take immediate steps to correct life style. Eating habits have to be improved. 60-75 minutes regular exercise has to be followed by everybody. Any delay will further increase the number of people going for more medicines and a painful older age.

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