3 Ways To Keep Your Smile Beautiful and Healthy

Teeth are considered a sign of youth and beauty. Even older individuals can look younger than they are when they have a great smile. It’s only natural that you want to hang on to your youth for as long as possible. Learn about the best ways to take care of your pearly whites. 

1. Have Daily Dental Care

Make a point to take time out of your day so you can brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Doing a routine of all three at least twice a day is important. The basics of good quality oral care can make a difference in preventing cavities, keeping your teeth white, and minimizing problems that you might run into as you get older. 

2. Visit a Dentist You Can Trust

Many problems, such as root canals, receding gums, and other issues, can be avoided when you work with your dentist on a regular basis. Having dental x-rays Happy Valley Oregon with a dentist you feel comfortable returning to can make a difference, rather than only sometimes showing up for dental appointments and otherwise trying to avoid your dentist. 

3. Use Treatments To Maintain Your Teeth

Besides daily care and regular visits, you can keep your teeth looking their best by having whitening treatments to get rid of stains from coffee, tea, and even smoking. Make sure not to overdo treatments either, since this can weaken the enamel on your teeth or increase sensitivity. When in doubt, find out about in-office options that your dentist can provide. 

Keeping your smile healthy and white takes a little bit of work, but it is worth it. Have daily dental care and make sure you are visiting a dentist you can trust. Using special treatments, such as whitening, can help prolong a healthy smile and keep it that way.