3 Tricks To Traveling Safely During COVID

Getting ready to travel? Whether flying for business or pleasure, safety should be your highest priority. So, before you head to the gate, follow this guide for three tips to help you stay healthy.

Clean Surfaces

Major airlines are taking measures to ensure that when you fly, you fly safely. From cleaning robots to UV sanitization, flights have become cleaner and safer than ever. However, just because airlines are taking extra precautions doesn’t mean that you can stop being vigilant. Most airlines provide, though you can carry with you, cleansing wipes. When you get to your seat, wipe down all surfaces, including the seatbelt, tray, screen and armrests, to ensure your spot is safe and COVID-free.

Wear a Mask

TSA regulations require you to wear an airplane face mask. However, depending on your travel time, wearing a mask continuously can be a challenge. First, pack an extra mask in case you need it. Then, pay attention to where people around you are when you are, so if you need to make any adjustments, you don’t have to worry. Remember, during the flight, you will need to keep your mask on at all times, except when eating or drinking.

Social Distance Properly

Airports are all creating individual social distancing standards. These guidelines can be confusing for travelers. However, you can simplify it by sticking to your safety steps. These steps should include social distancing and avoiding crowded spaces. For example, before you purchase any coffee, drinks or food, stake out spots where not as many people are gathering. While these spots may not be in the restaurants themselves, they will allow you to enjoy your food and drink safely.

Traveling does not mean giving up on your safety: clean the surfaces, wear your mask and keep your distance. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your travels again.