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+92 51 8430428-9

Petroleum Services

We are the authorized Distributor/Dealers of Pakistan State Oil, PARCO, Shell Pakistan & APL for supply of petroleum products to Projects/Industries.

General Services

The company feels pride in completing various projects successfully while working with renowned NGO’s like International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies etc

Construction Work

Purchase Acticin generic,

The IMEX ASSOCIATES is a constituent company of active in the field of Petroleum, trading and Construction industries. With a humble beginning in early 2007, today IMEX has emerged as one of the leading Company engaged in supplying petroleum products to several mega projects in remote areas of Pakistan. The glittering list of projects completed in Pakistan (mentioned in the next page) speaks volumes of the high level of expertise and brilliance of IMEX has established over the period.

The strength of IMEX lies in its paradigm of constant learning and rich mix of bright professionals in its staff. The diversified experience of completed projects is a testament to its ability and makes the group an ideal choice for future projects. The knowledge of working conditions in different areas of the country, gained through projects across the length and breadth of Pakistan, is a vital strength in facilitating timely and successful completions.

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to your esteemed and valued organization as a GENERAL ORDER SUPPLIERS, FABRICATORS, OIL DISTRIBUTOR and STEEL PROFILES DEALERS. We have been associated with many NGO’s, Multi-Nationals and Government local bodies.