Are There Any Foods I Should Avoid If I Am Diabetic?

Are There Any Foods I Should Avoid If I Am Diabetic?

When you are diabetic, you have to take special care of your body to make sure that you keep your blood sugar at the appropriate level. Eating the wrong foods can cause high blood sugar levels in your body, something you want to avoid. Eating healthy foods that make you feel good is one step in the right direction to controlling the sugar levels in your blood, but it’s also important to know what foods not to eat. Avoid these foods to make it easier on yourself to keep your blood sugar under control.

Here are a few common foods to avoid if you are diabetic:

1. Pasta

Not all pasta should be avoided, but it should be eaten in moderation. Certain types are likely to raise your blood sugar level. Try smaller servings, and only eat a whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta.

2. Desserts

Many desserts contain sugars and flour that can be harmful to your blood sugar levels. There are plenty of cookbooks with recipes written for those who are diabetic. These will let you enjoy a sweet dessert without the negative side effects.

3. Soda

Items high in sugar, especially sodas and other sweet drinks, can throw your body off track. Avoid these, and find healthier drinks with lower amounts of sugar. Not only will you feel better, but your entire body will be healthier. Soda is bad for anyone’s health, diabetic or not. It just takes those who aren’t diabetic a bit longer to realize this.

When you do eat, keep your meals smaller and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Cutting out large amounts of sugar and aiming for a balanced, healthy diet will improve your mood and your body. Everyone should aim for a better diet, but when you have diabetes you are more aware of how negatively foods can affect you.