Get Clear Even Skin Tone and Great Hair in 4-6 Weeks

Get Clear Even Skin Tone and Great Hair in 4-6 Weeks

There are thousands of lotions and potions out there, and even though I was cabin crew for a large part of my life, I am not somebody that has numerous bottles bursting out of my bathroom cupboard. Therefore my makeup bag has only ever consisted of good quality cleanser, mascara, moisturiser and a couple of eye shadows. One product I did discover thirteen years ago, with eternal thanks to my friend Sue, was collagen and barely a night has gone by in all those years when I have missed taking my capsules!

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and by the time you reach forty you have lost 20% of your natural collagen store. This is our ‘glue’ and studies show that women, particularly after the menopause, lose it in their skin more rapidly than men.

I was suffering from angry rosacea on one cheek for a few years, and after numerous creams I was put on mild antibiotics by a doctor. As someone who doesn’t even like taking mild painkillers I wasn’t pleased and after two months there was still no change. It was at this time Sue told me about something she had found and was researching, she was trying these collagen capsules and had found that her rather small breasts were growing slightly. While I can’t vouch for that (no change in my already ample ones, thank goodness), I found after approximately 6 weeks that my rosacea had disappeared, and it has never returned.

I was always a ‘spotty’ sort of person with little dry bits of skin here and there, and my hair, due to my mother’s genes, was rather thin. But after starting to take these collagen capsules regularly I realised that all my little dry bits had healed up, my spots had gone and my hair was thicker! I also started noticing if i got paper cuts etc. that my skin healed up far quicker, my nails were in better condition and my skin felt more moisturised.

I loved the fact that it is a British brand which has gone through vigorous testing and licensing and as I had a ladies sports shop I began to stock it. I now have many customers and friends taking the product all with their own ‘success stories’. Recently I decided to send my sister, who has suffered for years with psoriasis, 3 bottles to try, and voila, all cleared up! What a shame we didn’t think of that before. As well as another customer who has found it has helped with her fibromyalgia.

I feel proud to have been able to recommend my ‘magic pills’ which have solved their problems of hair loss and bad skin, amongst the other annoying things which come with passing the age of thirty-five. At fifty seven I love my clear complexion and thick hair and cannot imagine not having my bottle beside my bed for my little beauty routine last thing at night.