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Getting to Learn How Dating Scenario is not Different from a Career in Sales

Sometimes, while you are having a drink with your friends at a bar, amidst all the funny comments your friends are making, you will find a very beautiful lady in the same bar alone too. Then in the process, one of your cheeky pal will tell you to take on the challenge and go say hi to the lady. Despite you not knowing how to flirt with a girl, you take on the challenge and walk towards her in a confident way. You begin to stammer as if you have said something really embarrassing. The girl will turn the other way at the sight of your in confidence and you will have to go back to your friends feeling ashamed. If you follow the points jotted below, you will be sure to have a successful sales career.

You should understand first how flirting will help your career in sales. In sales, you are the product and you will be required to market yourself first. Ensure that you have a personal connection fist with your clients. You can agree with me that you will flirt with a girl only because you are personally interested in her. You will have to earn it to get a girl who can agree to be yours. The same scenario applies to sales. For you to earn a good commission, you will have to establish a good commission.

It will require you to first ensure that you have faith in yourself first. In the case of flirting with a girl, you will have to show complete interest in her and do not get tired of pursuing her. This is a similar case to a career in sales. It is essential for you to know the product in details so that you can know how to sell it. In-depth knowledge of what you are selling can lead you to earning a great sales commission. When selling, first introduce yourself first then sell the product.

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Do not be hard and forceful. This are a clear indication of turning off a girl. Listening to her and giving her time to decide on certain things can make her get interested in you. For a salesperson, the same should also apply, he or she should not keep following their clients and even calling them late at night as this can make them change their mind on buying the specific product.

Show that you got it all the time by being composed. Women like being in relationships with men who are strong and confident. For a sales career you will be faced with a lot of rejection and only confidence will get you to clinch a client if you explain your product well.