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How To Make Employees Feel Valued

Employees are the most important resources of any given organization either small or big. The productivity and final success of any company solely depends on its workforce. It is then of great value for managers to care for their workforce. In a business environment with people of different cultures,dissimilar forms are used to show care. The way managers view their subordinates does affect the functioning of the organization as a whole.

Managers should get to know their staffs well. Different people have different personalities, way of thinking and have been face with different issues. These personal aspects affect the behavior of a worker. When a manager fully understands their employees individually then when have a problem dealing with them effectively. Choices that could affect perfect performance are made consciously. One shouldn’t be making decisions concerning their employees without first consulting them and receiving their views.

Staff who feel they are part and parcel of the organization would go beyond their expectations to give their best. They possess the values of responsibility and accountability. They are also contented and happy while taking up their roles. A workforce that feels less valued in their jobs do not regard their duties of much importsnce hence low productivity. It could also lead to high employee turnover but those who remain will have low morale for their jobs. There are means which managers can use to show appreciation and value for their employees.

A noble managers knows how to communicate and how to behave well around their workers. He doesn’t have to make employees afraid and intimidated each time he is around them. At some point put yourself in their position and know you are all working towards attainment of the same goal. He should be able to bring a sense of openness with their employees. For instance when individual approaches you regarding some problem, Show them that you have been there too and how you dealt with it. This shows your vulnerability and imperfections hence help them overcome their challenges. One should also take some time to observe the challenges their workers go through. It thus enhance a better employee employer relationship.

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A manager should spare some period for their works. It is not easy when employees know they can’t have a moment with their managers to share their grievances and ideas. One could have so many obligations and duties to attend to, having a little time to talk and share ideas with group members and workers is important. Employees should also feel your concerns for them not just in their duties but also what they going through outside the organization. For example if an employee has been having frequent absenteeism, a good manager just won’t set them for a disciplinary action. A manager should have a talk with the worker to determine the root causes to the issue.

A manager should show care to the people close to the employee like family.