Benefits of installing a marine water filter system in your vessel

Whether you are a transatlantic adventurer or a daily sailor, a marine water filter is an indispensable system on board. These filters easily convert undrinkable saline water into freshwater to keep you hydrated on both short and long journeys alike. 

Access to drinkable water enables you to sail far and for longer. It is also an important component for your passenger’s and crews’ safety. 

Why do you need one?

The obvious reason to install a marine water filter system is to have an easy and ready drinking water supply for cleaning and consumption. Most vessels go for built-in marine water filters instead of refillable cisterns because filters provide significant weight savings. Instead of storing large water containers, built-in systems convert saltwater into freshwater instantly from the galley. 

These systems also minimize the risk of inadequate water supply by eliminating problems commonly associated with water storage vessels, especially leaks. However, outdated, bulky, and inefficient filters systems can be frustrating. Thus, you need to ensure that yours is well-fitted for the job.

The benefits of marine water filter systems installation in sea vessels are clear. Nonetheless, it would be best not to underrate the need to have a backup filter on hand. The backup devices enable you to desalinate seawater during emergencies and add it to the marine emergency kit. 

The efficiency of the system

An efficient water filtration system produces more water in a relatively shorter duration, which implies you will get more freshwater during your daily activities and emergency scenarios.

Below are tips on how to check the efficiency of your marine water filter.  

  • Check flow rate: Water filters are usually rated by what is referred to as “flow rate.” 
  • Set a timer: usually, water filters are advertised with the number of liters of fresh water they can filter per hour. Efficient filters will meet the claim of their manufacturer. 
  • Check the operating pressure: a pressure gauge is one handy feature on several old and new marine water filters. Regularly check the filter operating pressure to ensure it is working at the peak. Appropriate pressure is a pointer that your system is producing water at the right volume.
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